Jiya Jale | Anisha Babbar Choreography | Dil Se

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Jiya Jale – Choreographed and Reimagined by Anisha Babbar, all in one take – Dil Se

Choreographer: Anisha Babbar | | IG: @anisha.babbar
Director and Producer: Eshaan Kashyap | IG: @eshaankashyap
Assistant Directors: Nickesh Viswanathan, Amit Patel
Videographer: Simerjit Dhaliwal | | IG: @s.d.photographs

– Anisha Babbar
– Mallika Gargeya
– Priya Agarwal
– Trisha Vijay
– Reema Ukani

Shot in Eshleman Hall, UC Berkeley
Special thanks to UC Berkeley Azaad for providing the space!

Remixed by DJ CHEEKA and 3SPEAR |
Album: Dil Se |

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26 Responses

  1. Medha Sardar says:

    see this dance is not bad..
    but as far as i know that in any classical dance people should not wear shoes and perform..it is disrespect to the dance..do not know about western..but when you perform classical dances plzz do not wear shoes…plzz..i did not like this

  2. Vijay Chavda says:

    very nice

  3. milan lopchan says:

    Superb dance …

  4. Pokiri Y says:

    Is this some kinda aerobics mix-in?

  5. tasnim oishi says:

    I watched this over 10 times now.

  6. dipen patel says:

    Aapki class kaha pr hai

  7. Basim Ali says:


  8. Maan Maanboht says:

    Didi aapki dans kalas kha h

  9. Saddam Bhati says:


  10. Saddam Bhati says:


  11. Saddam Bhati says:


  12. Dr Sareeka Physiotherapist says:


  13. nice Barik says:


  14. caravan rohan says:

    Neither classic nor modern.jusy motion of limbs.

  15. sai teja reddy says:

    good for nothing .just some filthy navel show.

  16. sai teja reddy says:

    show some respect for the classicl dance . why did you perform some classical dance steps wearing shoes?
    you will never develop as a great dancer since you have insulted classical dance with your dirty attire and ignorance. i curse you.

  17. Rajiv Uttam says:

    Well choreographed
    Keep it Up

  18. Moni Chitti says:

    wahh… what a dance.. really suuuuuperb…

  19. keshav chepurwar says:


  20. Anil Raina says:


  21. Hitt BGM'S says:

    Girls can give beautiful to any song they performed….OMG so nice

  22. afzal khan says:

    looking nice dance

  23. afzal khan says:

    ekdum fahdu

  24. Nikku Gaur says:

    Superb performance i love it

  25. Saranya ghosh says:

    You must know that when you are doing any classical step you should not wear shoes. You have use some classical steps in your dance that's why I have said .

  26. Thkur sandeep Singh says:


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