James and the Drifters – Foxtrot

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Twitter: JAndTheD

James and the Drifters: Kyle Jackson, Brent Chamberlin, Andrew Freehauf, Andrew Scheer, and Dan Willig

Film by: Caleb Pike @ DSLR Video Shooter
Produced by James and the Drifters and Peter Fox
Associate Producer: John Sohn
Engineered and Mixed By Peter Fox at Stone House Recording in Grand Rapids MI.
Mastered at: The Lodge
Mastering Engineer: Emily Lazar
Assistant Engineer: Rich Morales

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10 Responses

  1. Jay Gianera says:

    Question: Is it a requirement that you must have a beard to be in the band? Just wondering. BTW, good song.

  2. Stephanie Seitz says:

    love this song and you guys so much!

  3. Kyle Barron says:

    I'm certainly coming to you're show September 30th at the brass rail.

  4. Enoch Michael Williams says:

    Sweet dudes. Sweet band! Keep it up!

  5. StizzyGotTheJuice says:

    What Lense Is That?

  6. StizzyGotTheJuice says:


  7. Tanner Runkle says:

    Way ta Go guys I Love you guys. The local band north east has too offer by far.!:-)

  8. Brandi Haney says:

    You guys sound so awesome!!

  9. BrassRailFW says:

    Great job guys.  Love the song and the video.

  10. Martin Racicot says:

    Just caught this video on dslrvideoshooter.com, love the track! Good job on the video too!

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