‘IN THE MOOD’ – Glenn Miller (Enhanced HQ Sound HD)

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23 Responses

  1. Mary Sanchez says:

    and there all gone…its sad

  2. David Edwards says:

    I love music, but I am not that good. I play for personal enjoyment, So I can only imagine what it must have been like to be that good to get into a big band, then to plat like this. I really envy those guys.

  3. Sad Fluff says:

    Who the fuck edited this

  4. Maria PEREZ says:

    Feel like dancing !!!

  5. Elisabeth H Lionne says:


  6. Cathy Goltsoff says:


  7. Patricia Sibanda says:

    My Legs are doing the thing!!!!!!!!!

  8. Sharon Yasuhara says:

    In. The Mood. It was. My. Mother. Time. She. Love. This. Song. By. Glenn. Miller. It's. Really. Nice. Back. In. The. Old. Days.

  9. Mary Lee says:

    Back when people had to have real talent.

  10. Vivian Klootwijk says:

    LOve them to bits enjoy theme for the last 60 years

  11. Steve Dobson says:

    At 9pm the dance leader would say "Gentlemen, you may now remove your jackets".

  12. Mike Leon says:

    Make music great again. I would vove for that.

  13. Karen Kaye says:

    I am 56 years old and this is awesome

  14. Malcolm Gertz says:

    I love the Glenn Miller Band & I love dancing to this song especially. It fills my heart with joy

  15. Humberto ME says:

    Músicos de alto nivel sí señor

  16. Silvia Rühsen says:

    Germany never forgets the help of USA after ww2

  17. The Dazzlings says:

    kind of cool how you got dis dude

  18. Tere Liberty says:

    Would love to hear the "flip side" of the 45 of "Take Five"

  19. Leonard Furst says:

    I might be biased but listen to the saxophones!

  20. Lucia Matheus says:



    GRACIAS Héctor Jorge Gonzalés por esta obra de arte y gran recuerdo. MIL GRACIAS.

  22. Aidan Stine says:

    Listen with earbuds the left will have the saxophone and the right will have the trumpets

  23. Ole Flogger says:

    Yuck! But, nice try. This reminds me of so many Spielberg movies. Phony scenes.

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