Ian Bousfield Plays Bolero Trombone Solo

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Ian Bousfield trombone solo Ravel Bolero.
Wiener Philharmoniker – Conductor: Gustavo Dudamel

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36 Responses

  1. Charley Hibschweiler says:

    It's like eternal torture

  2. Wes says:

    Wack intonation but still fire dawg

  3. HARU says:

    He is the god of trombone.

  4. 전주연 says:


  5. adhanda2017 says:

    Great, but didn't like the stacatto end…

  6. Christian Wurzer says:


  7. Lutfan Naury says:

    Oh I Love It

  8. Nig says:

    when in doubt use vibrato

  9. 강선생 says:

    very good

  10. winrx says:

    Expressive but unwieldy sounding. My favorite rendition is the Dohnanyi/Cleveland recording from the late 80s……

  11. Николай Вальков says:

    Лучшее исполнение)

  12. Alix Anthony says:

    Dear God you nailed it!!

  13. Tracy Miller says:

    Damn, that was beautiful.

  14. RobinHood East says:

    The out of sync video is so distracting but does not stop me from being in awe of this man's performance

  15. Siedler3333 says:

    not a big deal but nicely played

  16. Thiago Augusto says:

    Perfeito em sua dinâmica e execução . Passagem maravilhosa do trombonista .

  17. Federico Canale says:

    Classic Schmosby

  18. J-L B says:

    Best version !

  19. Alexander Tauber says:

    Actually his colleagues told him not to do any vibrato in the solo … But he did and it turned out to be perfect

  20. Shawnguitarguy says:

    Everything was amazing until he blew the F towards the end flat……..

  21. Samuel Schlosser says:


  22. Tiago Rodrigues says:


  23. Vince Corozine says:

    great playing…excellent phrasing!

  24. ELIEZER SILVA says:

    Magnífico! Bravo!

  25. Lyle Waller says:

    Too bad the snare player can't settle into the time.

  26. Alf Schlauberger says:

    What type of trombone is he playing in this part?

  27. amedeo frapparelli says:

    Uno degli assoli migliori, complimenti

  28. ben gurion says:

    I have heard many trombonists play this solo but this rendition is by far the bestand most nuanced I have ever heard

  29. trombonedemon says:

    I am pleasantly surprised!!

  30. stelika71 says:

    Amazing solo and amazing trombone player 🙂

  31. Mark Narins says:

    The most expressive version of this solo I've ever heard. Amazing control and nuances.

  32. Miller Reyes says:

    Q nivel , espectacular

  33. Bryce Lin says:


  34. AverageTrombonePlayer says:

    I concur with this video. European invasion lol

  35. maxfanelli02 says:


  36. Jose Javier Oliver says:

    Increible como acaricia dada nota..de las mejores versiones que he escuchado

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