How to Do a Waltz Progressive Step | Ballroom Dance

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Aaron: Hi guys. It’s Aaron.

Christina: And I’m Christina.

Aaron: And we are professional dance instructors here in New York City and today we’re going to be continuing with our waltz series taking a look at the progressive step in the waltz.

Christina: So, for the progressive we’re going to back up just a little bit because this move is going to take us forward and then we’re going to have it take us back, and we’re both going to do it together beginning with our left foot. So, we’re going to do the first three steps of a box going with our left foot forward, side, close. Now instead of completing that box and going back on the right foot, we’re going to continue to go forward on our right foot going forward, side, close. One more with the left foot, forward, side, close. And then from here we are going to do three in the opposite direction moving backwards, beginning with our right foot. Back, side, close, left, back, side, close, right, back, side, close. And generally when we do this figure the ladies will be the ones moving backward and the gentlemen will move forward but it’s good to know both parts because you never know when you may have to do the other one. So, let’s try this together with a partner. And one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three.

Aaron: Now let’s try it to music.

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17 Responses

  1. King of The North King of the Kings says:

    neither lady nor the gentleman is not matching with waltz you better keep going on salsa 😀

  2. Haley Walker says:

    … I can do the waltz but the bad thing is im only a kid and in my school when we do Dance in P.E we have to do partner dancing and all the boys in my class are so immature so basically i cant get out of the lesson without bruised toes.

  3. Cheryl Balgos says:

    Is in every step of waltz, you need to start with your right or left foot?

  4. Marcus Danny X says:


  5. arclight says:

    That's actually called "closed change" and is done in order to switch the leading foot, for example when you want to make a transition from natural turn to reverse turn you do the closed change to left to make your left foot to lead and then do a reverse turn

  6. earthworm2000 says:

    "we are professional dance instructors" ಠ_ಠ

  7. Andrea Patane says:

    It's hard for everyone to do this move when dancing the Waltz.

  8. Aly Norcliffe says:

    They both should be doing heal leads and picking the toes up at the front when they take steps. This is ballroom not Latin…

  9. Ahris Dela Peña says:

    what is the title of the background music?

  10. cintu lator says:

    Great instruction!

    So many sore ladytoes after me..

  11. Hexin Zhu says:

    looks cool

  12. Dorothy Lewis says:

    my students are going to dance to this 
    so happy

  13. chinnesekitty55 says:

    The longest neck I've ever seen

  14. Eva Green says:

    Liked and shared

  15. Erik Mäki says:

    Awfully bad music selection for a waltz. Actually that pimpelipom wasn't music at all.

  16. Syed Shabbir says:

    that's easy with salsa..

  17. Phantomlyne says:


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