How to create Drake’s One Dance

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lmao what am i even doing

Thank you so much for watching!

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37 Responses

  1. M Miller says:

    WTF man xD

  2. DEANDRE DI DON says:

    This is beautiful

  3. Average Player3 says:

    I'm not sure if I like your style yet, and I think your a wierdo, but holy God, the stuff you come out with is funny. Thanks man.

  4. ItzTouki says:

    please make a full version

  5. CinnaX says:

    two shots of vodka

  6. Bulletproof says:

    I wish someone bangs me like Seth bangs his door

  7. komori says:

    0:35 just wanna say, that black n64 game is Tony Hawks pro skater 3 xd best game

  8. 200 Rads says:


  9. Grubins says:


  10. Yoongi Love says:

    When you have a low budget

  11. Joseph Favor says:

    What’s the connection to Finn, though?

  12. phatchara jaithanuk says:

    i like a reaction of you

  13. Toxiken says:

    Is that a bottle of Kofola filled with something else?

  14. Supdude says:


  15. A_Ghost says:

    This guy makes the most casual endings of any YouTube video.

    It’s so casual that it’s u n c o m m o n

    Edit: Grammar Stuff

  16. Kind Old Raven says:

    Lmfao, goddamnit this was hilarious. You makin' people laugh so bad

  17. Alpha Jewel says:

    Link: is Zelda an instrument?

  18. Yong Lust says:

    Hi could u make instrumental remix ps

  19. Jacob V says:

    I watch this video at least twice a month

  20. Batuhan AksZ says:

    -I want Ten Hour version of that

  21. Henkkaaz says:

    only a russian would do this

  22. Veni vedi vici Nonchalant Gassed up Shawty says:

    The subtitles at the door part Lmfao

  23. Kevin Honesh says:


  24. aegele eight says:

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  25. Yumé says:

    D O O R

  26. Loser says:

    Basically you are me but 10 times Cooler and Attractive then I m and about 1000 times more talented in any way possible

  27. scarlett mlnds says:

    awesone instruments, just wondering..where can I buy the talent?

  28. Loïk Fortin says:

    The legend claims that this creature only smile once every century…

  29. harelsap1 says:

    Your videos are hilarious, you're an absolute legend

    never stop making videos

  30. Cathal Shovelin says:

    More of this thank you very much

  31. Emmett Bookwalter says:

    Instructions unclear got drunk and played the Russian national anthem

  32. 김자하 says:

    미친ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅌㅋ개웃겨진짜 ㅋㅌㅌㅋㅋ

  33. Ben Kenobi says:

    So jealous of his N64 collection oft

  34. Said Samatar says:


  35. Lance Kinny says:

    Is this cover on Spotify?

  36. Jodie ༄ says:

    How do you play the door so rhythmically òwó

  37. 6969 Subs With No Video Challenge says:

    0:28 I’m crying whahah

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