How to Back Rock – 9 Backrock Entries | BreakDance Decoded

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How to Back Rock – 9 Backrock Entries | BreakDance Decoded

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In this video, I am going to inspire you (and of course show you) 9 different ways to enter back rocks. If you’ve been struggling to think of ways to do so, here’s the video for you!

If you like any of these backrock entries, feel free to take and use them. And of course, break out of my mold and be inspired to create something similar.

Dougie Wood “Beach Disco”

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23 Responses

  1. Breakdance Decoded says:

    Get more bboy/bgirl tips over at our website here:

  2. Jona wakeez says:

    Flare and footwork combo…

  3. udontgothere says:

    Bro, put some dope tracks for your background tutorial music

  4. Shivam Kumar says:


  5. Lennard Byronrpadilla says:

    Can i do windmills to swipes to backspins to baby freeze to head spins

  6. Max Roc says:

    Start adding bboy beats in your video it will be great

  7. Yuva Raj says:

    More videos

  8. Suraj Birua says:

    you are laborious I liked

  9. VU NGUYEN says:

    newbie here, but we have all these entries into backrock. but what do we do after we get into the backrock pose? have tried searching but no luck. please help

  10. Maria Boynovska says:

    Really cool!

  11. Илья Борисов says:

    Very useful. Thanks

  12. Piet Verelst says:

    amazing video, definitly inspired me to add extra flavour to my backrock

  13. Stuart Eaton says:

    hahaha Erin how did I find this…. and nice Backrocks

  14. bboytlil says:

    Hey dude awesome tutorial! Your channel has amazing content and the tutorials are detailed.Keep it up man! I love what you do for the community!

  15. Ali Chaoui says:

    Oh, man! I really needed this. Thanks a bunch for the great tutorial. Keep them coming.

  16. Borislav Mihailov says:

    Thanks for the video, I'll check out the moves next time i practice 🙂

  17. Bboy Georgia says:

    Yes!!! the video I've long waited for and you guys did not disappoint! thank you for this video!!! I love it!

  18. Bboy Dawn says:

    no in footwork

  19. Shade's Archives says:

    so smooth dude

  20. Angel Santiago says:

    I needed this! Love your content. Collab maybe? :S Always wanted to make a tut on YT.

  21. Bboy Dawn says:

    Please make a video in whiche you show how to go out of windmill

  22. Minh_vh says:

    Very helpful!

  23. b n says:

    How does one get their back rock smooth and nice? What are some basic tips and pointers for it? I'm so lost my back rock looks messy

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