Higher And Higher Jackie Wilson (Northern Soul) cover Sarah Collins

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Higher And Higher Jackie Wilson (Northern Soul) cover by Sarah Collins
This track is so uplifting! Love Jackie Wilson’s songs and this one in particular is a favourite. Hope you enjoy my cover of it! Check out https:/facebook.com/sallycollinsmusic https:/soundcloud.com/sallyc and Twitter @SazzleCollins Thank you and have a great weekend! :0) x

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37 Responses

  1. carlton johnson says:

    my go to singer, everytime. Amazing .

  2. Gary John Maddison says:

    Only way is up Queeny ❤

  3. Craig Gallup says:

    You have the y factor only reserved for Superstars and you're all woman that's for damn sure what a pleasure+

  4. Carl Flanagan says:

    Nice. You nailed it, Sarah.

  5. Donna Byers says:

    Jackie did a good job on Higher and Higher. But I noticed she messed up on one word in the lyrics. She re-record this one, sing about men, or to a man in these songs. She started off that way but instead of substituting girl for boy in the middle. Love your voice anyway Jackie.

  6. carlton johnson says:

    My default pleasure. This was me and wifes 1st song. can we get you for our anniversary?!!

  7. Richard Wolles says:

    Listening to you sing this song lifts me up Sarah. Your the best!!!

  8. frdjr252 says:

    Oh yeah, soul girl! You had your groove on and it showed! Jackie Wilson was called Mr Excitement and you carry that legacy! Now it's called Sarah Magic! Very well covered, bellissima! xx

  9. Ernesto Corte says:

    gran voz

  10. Zoe Parker says:

    Sarah I just come across your YouTube today and I'm in love I'm 25 and love Motown music it's unbeatable your vocals are amazing. Please could you try and do a song by Alexander O'Neal. X

  11. Ken9284 says:

    Sarah, do you take requests?

  12. Richard Wolles says:


  13. Joe Newbie says:

    For real are you shitting me?????? THIS GREAT!!!!

  14. Joe Newbie says:

    Girls got soul WOOOOOOOOOO

  15. Joe Newbie says:

    I have to go look you up, you've had to of made it by now THAT HIGH NOTE WOW….you nailed it.

  16. carlton johnson says:

    your living room must rock at parties!!

  17. carlton johnson says:

    so beautiful every time I play you.

  18. Ken Wildman says:

    Sara really like your covers! Where do you get the original? audio tracks?

  19. Dallas Brunson says:

    How can perfect keep happening?! This woman does…!

  20. wes cash says:

    I love how you smile when you nail those high notes haha….fantastic Sarah, you've gained a fan:)

  21. bob o says:

    If I am ever stranded on deserted island .. this is one song I definitely want with me. prfct.

  22. Beverlee Graham says:

    Just found this gem. Girl you can SANG!!!!!!!!!! I can't get enough of your voice. You are a true talent, you have a fan for sure. Rock on sister from across the waters. Made a place list of your songs and sharing them with friends and family.

  23. Rich Bowser says:

    Possibly better than jackie !

  24. Brigitte Schüler Nordback says:

    Higher Higher den er meget god Sahra Collins du synger godt Sarah Collins jeg elsker dit musik og sange bliv ved med det Sahra Collins Mvh Brigitte Schlüter Nordback og Albert Sjurdaberg og Bella Lady

  25. SEVsev says:

    are u on fb i could not find you well maybe u are not so never mind sarah. . . love your style and eyes and smile anyway 🙂

  26. Gary Shevel says:

    Great prophetic title – referring to your professional career post performing in Ohio. Lovely version Sarah. X

  27. David Hill says:

    Wow, another great cover, I love it!!

  28. joecas61 says:

    LOVE IT !!!!! GO SARA <3

  29. Terry Balazs says:

    Great sound Sarah. I remember doing the bass on this song years ago. You do a great job.

  30. Internet Trowel says:

    well done!

  31. will Hynes says:


  32. TheMark2659 says:

    club singer no more

  33. Gail says:

    My share on fb for today., Jackie Wilsoin would be proud of this cover.

  34. Les Gombart says:

    Your music lifts me higher and higher… I'm going to listen to you every night

  35. Wallace Roberts says:

    Wow, awesome ✌️

  36. Hippy(Bboomer) says:

    This song came out in about 1970.. One great summer.. Played a half a dozen round of golf with my dad (R.I.P. 1918-94) It was sunny all summer long, and in Vancouver, that is unusual

  37. Hippy(Bboomer) says:

    I so remember this one. Nice work, Sarah.. You are a natural. and YOU look GOOD.. 😀 Great voice, too

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