Hereiti Choreography | ANIA | TAPUAHUA

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This Item was inspired by my first tutor Tai Munukoa | Ania.
She taught us this item when I was about 10 years old and I will never forget the grace in movement and style she portrays.
I continue to teach what I have been taught so I hope you enjoy this piece

Music | Ania & Heimana Music
Dancers | Angzhel Tunupopo & Te-Pua Mana Tunupopo
Film | Kim Masters
Choreography | Hereiti Makiteiaa
Edit | Hereiti Makiteiaa

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  1. J&P Family says:

    Go cuzzies

  2. Vlogs And more says:

    Go cousins

  3. Clare Vainetutai says:

    Love it xo

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