Hand Tap Dancing by Virginia Trautz

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Virginia Trautz still taps, but with her HANDS in tiny tap shoes. It is too cute! Virginia Trautz has been a dancer all her life, now she is 86 and taps with her hands. It looks and sounds like real tap dancing!
Virgina Trautz performs at retirement homes in South Jersey. She is choreographing her Christmas show now!

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2 Responses

  1. Eileen Trautz says:

    @vstanol Mrs. T remembers you and appreciates your kind comments. She said Sally Star remembered your broad smile from when you were on her show, and years later Sally Star saw you at the Devon Horse Show. Mrs T. wonders how you are and if you still live around Riverside.

  2. Eileen Trautz says:

    I'll let her know what you said. She loves hearing from former students.

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