Genesis – Supper’s Ready [Full Song]

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Edit 12/25/12 – Thanks to a kind soul for providing timestamps after all this time. As a bonus, I’ve added a link to full lyrics as well as the first stanzas of each section’s lyrics.

Band: Genesis
Song: Supper’s Ready
Album: Foxtrot
Year: 1972

Full lyrics at:

I. Lover’s Leap
[0:00 – 3:52]
“Walking across the sitting-room, I turn the television off.
Sitting beside you, I look into your eyes.
As the sound of motor cars fades in the night time,
I swear I saw your face change, it didn’t seem quite right.
…And it’s hello babe with your guardian eyes so blue
Hey my baby don’t you know our love is true…”

II. The Guaranteed Eternal Sanctuary Man
[3:53 – 6:07]
“I know a farmer who looks after the farm.
With water clear, he cares for all his harvest.
I know a fireman who looks after the fire….”

III. Ikhnaton And Itsacon And Their Band Of Merry Men
[6:08 – 9:43]
“Wearing feelings on our faces while our faces took a rest,
We walked across the fields to see the children of the West,
But we saw a host of dark skinned warriors
standing still below the ground,
Waiting for battle! …”

IV. How Dare I Be So Beautiful?
[9:44 – 11:02]
“Wandering in the chaos the battle has left,
We climb up the mountain of human flesh,
To a plateau of green grass, and green trees full of life.
A young figure sits still by a pool,
He’s been stamped “Human Bacon” by some butchery tool.
(He is you)
Social Security took care of this lad.
We watch in reverence, as Narcissus is turned to a flower.
A flower?”

V. Willow Farm
[11:03 – 12:28]
“If you go down to Willow Farm,
to look for butterflies, flutterbyes, gutterflies
Open your eyes, it’s full of surprise, everyone lies,
like the fox on the rocks,
and the musical box.
Yes, there’s Mum & Dad, and good and bad,
and everyone’s happy to be here…”

VI. All Change!
[12:29 – 15:34]
“Feel your body melt;
Mum to mud to mad to dad
Dad diddley office, Dad diddley office,
You’re all full of ball…”

VII. Apocalypse In 9/8 (Co-Starring the delicious talents of Gabble Ratchet)
[15:35 – 20:46]
“With the guards of Magog, swarming around,
The Pied Piper takes his children underground.
Dragons coming out of the sea,
Shimmering silver head of wisdom looking at me.
He brings down the fire from the skies,
You can tell he’s doing well by the look in human eyes.
Better not compromise.
It won’t be easy…”

VIII. As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs (Aching Men’s Feet)
[20:47 – 23:06]
“Can’t you feel our souls ignite
Shedding ever changing colours, in the darkness of the fading night,
Like the river joins the ocean, as the germ in a seed grows
We have finally been freed to get back home…”

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31 Responses

  1. Kings lynn says:

    See you all at Supper!!!

  2. sebas de bordeaux says:

    And I have to add "how is it possible I've been a big fan of "Marillion" for years (I don't deny them anyway) without knowing (or having forgotten in any case) this song, and the evidence they took "everything on it..!! and some others.. incredible to realize the huge "imitation" of Marillion's singer, and musicians too!!
    Most of all.. they were 20 or 21 years old…..???….!!!!!

  3. sebas de bordeaux says:

    oh my god! I think I'm a bit ashamed.. I heard that when I was 15 or 16, while smoking a lot of herbs with my friends, and never re-listened to it since..!! How could it be??? I don't understand.. I remember buying "seconds out- part one" on a cassette a few years later, but at the listening of it, finding it boring.. for sure the original studio is better.. It's clearly a masterpiece! I wouldn't place it N1 of pop tracks but I understand easily people who does..

  4. Jiggy Lace says:


  5. Mark Miller says:

    May be one of the greatest songs ever written. Im bipolar, this song just relaxes me and takes my mind off of everything, this is a song you can just get lost in…..178 people are clueless…

  6. Wilhelm Oberhäuser says:

    Wanna make Richard Hammond listen to this while driving

  7. Mark Engel says:

    The brilliance of this song stands time immemorial but the transition of the last few minutes marks the transition to the "post Gabriel" era that was to come.
    Genesis with Phil at the helm? what genera was better?
    I love it all so no answer here!

  8. Ben Kizer says:

    The best "Christian Rock" song by a non "Christian Rock" band ever. If only actual Christian Rock music was even a tenth of this good.

  9. Fernando Fernandez says:


  10. DAN says:

    only thing i miss in the lyrics is the part at the end of the king of kings brings them home to the new Jerusalem,,what happened there its all good though

  11. DAN says:

    great mirror Justin,,my favorite song of all time,the real Genesis Masterpiece

  12. Dany Labarca says:

    Si tuviese que elegir una canción para morir escuchándola, definitivamente seria SUPPER ' READY.

  13. George Wilson says:


  14. Bobby Davis says:

    One of the all time great pieces of musical art. Absolutely amazing!

  15. Klaus Serra says:

    They were genious.

  16. Sapphire S says:

    Anyone who is ignorant enough to check "thumbs down", just leave. You'll never get it, go away!!!

  17. pschroeter1 says:

    Last night I was listening to some of the soundtrack to the Disney cartoon Tarzan and couldn't believe it was the same guy drumming and singing here.

  18. residente.unify USP says:

    there's no song better than : "selling England by the Pounds"

  19. Lord Protector says:

    I remember timing this when I was a kid – I timed it at 22:53. How sad was I (even remembering the length). Their best track.

  20. Steven Breach says:

    "Horizons" is a stand alone work of beauty

  21. Matthew Zeccola says:

    If any of you ever get a chance, if you see them playing anywhere, go see The Musical Box. They're a complete Genesis cover group, and they are ridiculously good. Fantastic musicians, and the lead singer was almost an exact replica of Peter. They did this song, and it was just phenomenal!!! The lead singer wore all the costumes, etc. Fantastic! One of the greatest songs ever written.

  22. Brian Lutes says:

    14:12 i cry everytim

  23. Mauro Crimson says:

    I'm fucking crying man.

  24. Geraldo Saldanha says:


  25. Jajo Turbo says:

    The first time for me… Whaoooo <3

  26. the burning light says:

    Some parts kind of remind me of pink floyd

  27. chapter2unit4 says:


  28. Alberto1012789 says:

    Truly beautiful music

  29. Peter Green says:

    A work of art. Honestly I am SO angry at not being born say 15 years earlier so I could have heard this at the time and learned to appreciate real proper music from a time that only genuinely talented musicians had the success.

  30. Andrew Undershaft says:

    Sadly, I was introduced to Seconds Out years before Foxtrot, so I could never really appreciate this album. Collins' live version of Supper's Ready is just so much better.

  31. gripNslip says:

    no kidding, i work 10 hours a day just to get back home every night and listen to this song with my speakers cranked up

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