Fred Astaire. Put it on the Ritz.

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19 Responses

  1. Eskimo says:


  2. краснодарский край это сплошной рай says:

    putin is cucumber)

  3. Liliana M. Taiana says:

    Aww Fred Astaire !!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. john bullock says:

    All those feints in the first minute = looking for Ginger. Wait, that sounds like the title of a modern rom-com lol.

  5. GravityBoy72 says:


  6. Julian Maule says:

    One word : TALENT.

  7. Chris Bowman says:

    This was good, but I like the version done by Taco better.

  8. Never After says:

    I love the old school!

  9. Peter Maxwell says:

    I think of young Frankenstein..Peter

  10. Surfishy888 says:

    It's "puttin' on the Ritz", not "put it on the Ritz".

  11. Levi Whisenhunt says:

    Thanks, Licht/Pranger.

  12. Alex Caledin says:

    Aw, I always want to see Vera Ellen with him!

  13. eoselan7 says:

    If you were at all capable of appreciating Astaire's dancing you would never show it in slow motion!

  14. DeviantMotives says:

    I see some new dance moves that look a lot like these old ones. I love the pure talent back then.

  15. Marco Klaue says:

    Great song, but thumbs down because you failed on the title and on matching the recording with the video…

  16. David Cooke says:

    At his screen test it’s been said can’t sing,can’t act,can dance a little. Look what happened to him.

  17. Bess Turner says:

    Colorized! Heresy.

  18. Jack Rose says:

    Like fine wine this never gets old.

  19. Дмитрий Иванов says:

    Taco's versions are more better

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