Foxtrot Spoof-Shannon Elizabeth & Derek Hough

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This is one of the dances Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough didn’t get to perform on Dancing With The Stars…it’s their homemade Foxtrot!

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  1. talk2minie says:

    ROTFLMAO!!! I can't believe I've never seen this!! TOOOO funny.

  2. Yunglebron230 says:

    now shannon elizabeth is hoooottttt

  3. Tom Torgerson says:

    Shannon…just saw this…too funny. The fart at the end is so Derek…and I gotta say I loved your reaction when you returned! Classic humor! Great job to you and D.

  4. motionpicture411 says:

    lmao they look like a mother and son, still cute..i guess.

  5. Klaudia3322 says:

    hahaha is all i can say 😀

  6. aaa says:

    yea i think so

  7. Jess_Marie_G says:

    WOW, this made my day on so many levels. First, these two are hilarious and incredibly cute together. Also because my buddies and I used to go to the park and play in the kiddie toys when we were in high school

  8. Marilyn Snyder says:

    This is such a cute video; thank you Shannon and Derek for giving your fans such a great treat. Makes me smile every time I watch it; sure brightens up a drab day :-).
    These two are too cute for words.

  9. CHRiiSSY28x says:

    "somebody told me we were eliminated like last week or two weeks ago and i was like: what?!"

    haha lol 😀 these two are so cute are they still dating?

  10. Mewluver101 says:

    their soo funny !!!!

  11. aaa says:

    lol when i went to see a play at this highschool, i started hearing this song and immediatly started cracking up.

  12. zeevon9 says:

    These two make me smile, they are so neat together. This is my 2nd favorite clip of these two. The 1st being a montage of their 7 weeks on DWTS, done to "The Magic Position".

  13. aaa says:

    haha "wwhhhhhaaaaa close to you" i laugh so much when i here the funny tune

  14. aaa says:

    hahaha i would've given them a ten for this performance

  15. Anidele says:

    so cute!

  16. caligurlsd101 says:

    hahahahahhahah that was sooo funny!!!!!

  17. Marilyn Snyder says:

    I haven't seen this in awhile. But just as funny and cute as the first time I viewed it. Great video Shannon and Derek — thanks for the funny :-)!!!

  18. Marilyn Snyder says:

    Shannon and Derek;
    How about another video for your fans? Obviously this one is a huge hit. We all need some comic relief this summer. A new video would be very much appreciated.
    Love this one; love it, love it, love it!!!!!

  19. Tracy Lei says:

    soo this was basically just made by shannon and derek?

    ahahaha how cutee

  20. Marilyn Snyder says:

    Thank you Shannon and Derek; this is a wonderful escape from reality. Northern CA is burning out of control. Some comic relief is truly needed — thank you!!
    My favorite scene is when Derek is playing the piano and the facial expressions he makes are really cute. Shannon is beautiful as always.

  21. Molly Wilson says:


  22. Meghan Stith says:


  23. Rowena Vu says:

    any one no wat song that is and whos its by i would much appreciate it

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