Feadship Tango

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Whichever angle you look at her – and they’re all covered in this groovy video – the Feadship Tango is always in rhythm.

The 78-metre Tango showcases a symbiosis of style, performance and convenience. As you follow the tenders speeding around this beautiful Feadship, examine her distinctive exterior style, with the decks of her aluminium superstructure seeming to float on a sea of virtually full-height glass. Admire also the way metallic grey paint is combined with shadow lines and recesses in the superstructure shaping. Using so much metallic paint across such wide expanses stretched Feadships painters to the max, which make the fine contrast with the white hull all the more remarkable.

Other exterior areas to look out for on the movie are the deep counter-flow swimming pool on the bridge deck and the winter garden on the main. The latter is the perfect indoor-outdoor space, full beam yet totally open, air conditioned yet surrounded by windows that let in fresh air. When Tango is docked stern to, the winter garden is closed off aft, doubling the length of the main deck saloon while ensuring total privacy in the marina.

Tango is a textbook example of an exceptionally innovative yacht, and the result of a fantastic team spirit between Feadship, the exterior and interior designers at Eidsgaard Design, the owner and his representatives. Dance on…

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