Estas Tonne & Reka Fodor @ VDU Kaunas 2014 [HD] Part II

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On 2014 tour Estas Tonne visit Lithuania yet again. This time Reko Fodor joined him on this musical adventure. The City’s of Vilnius & Kaunas has a chance to see the Concert of two Beautiful Souls. This collaboration between two artists left unforgettable warm feeling in my heart on the last days of Autumn. Video is from Kaunas – Vytautas Magnus University. Big thank you goes to Indre Kuliesiute who put all her efforts to make it happen. For Gintautas Berzinskas who helped to record this video, to Zilvinas Svirplys from GMgyvai who took care of concert organization aspects and to all the good people who where around us. This video is PART II from Kaunas VDU.
Visit for more info on his whereabouts and tour dates
for music downloads
Check out what Reka Fodor is up to
video made by Giedrius Dagys

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38 Responses

  1. Chris K says:


  2. RhodieFreedomCamp says:

    Wow! Perfect duo.

  3. Atahulpa says:

    May The Light Shine Within Us All … /

  4. Pay Master says:

    This is so sexy i can"t stop watching it so much energy i love it

  5. Vasile Bontea says:

    Hungarian gipsy style,Hungarian the world originals in creatione,and all….music, dance,life,and all….

  6. Doug Bennett says:

    Damn this is so incredibly mesmerizing to watch. They look like they're having so much fun playing follow the leader.

  7. Gesund Sein says:

    Love – Face to Face – so great.

  8. Daniel Maier says:

    Hey awesome people! 🙂 Wanted to share my new piano composition with you, in case you like it! It´s all about positive vibes 🙂 Enjoy!

  9. Василий Cu says:

    Родной Ты НАШ Человеек!

    я пересмотрел все видео с твоим уастием!

    – реальнно, – Спасибо Богу, что ты есть у нас!
    Я Горжусь!

  10. Zakia Baig says:

    You r both amazing

  11. Zakia Baig says:

    You just need one ,now to express your rhythms ,a dancer ,I feel the energy

  12. Sharanasudhir L says:

    ESTAS tonne is the richest man in the universe, distributing happiness n joyness to people in the streets… Unbelievable

  13. Marko Knezevic says:

    Can it possibly be better?

  14. Get BigAF says:

    I was jamming until her shoes…

  15. Tree hugger says:

    Oh yeah she's awesome

  16. Makarie Marin says:


  17. Exodus Twelve says:


  18. Yrgg2004 says:

    Most amazing!

  19. pierre-mary besnard says:

    Esta Tonne le troubadoure de la rue #artjullou avec #RekaFodor sur un banc avec toi

  20. redvette91 says:

    She needs to get a job

  21. Anatoliy Dzhos says:

    Музыка души… В слиянии душ…
    Это не только волшебно, это – даже эротично как-то, иногда – музыка ласки. Или – ласки музыки…

  22. LOL says:

    Omg this is so good!!!

  23. Anatoliy Yarmak says:

    Hi is from Ukraine!

  24. Dr Williams says:

    He is the Clint Eastwood of Flamenco guitar 🙂

  25. Francis V says:

    Vreemde, maar toch rustgevende muziek!

  26. Romashka London says:


  27. Артур Халаев says:

    Ему надо погорячее и по красивее….ха-ха… Такт есть…,а вот пламени нет!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Артур Халаев says:

    Чувство такта у девченки изумительное.но она его не соблазнит)))))))))

  29. CARLOS CARO says:

    Si no leen español fácil entender: MARAVILLOSOS – FANTASTICOS – UNICOS = FELICITACIONES

  30. bhargavJ borah says:

    Amazing sounds

  31. Best Gamer says:

    единое целое красота техника страсть нежность

  32. victor van dyke says:

    I guess somebody got lucky tonight!

  33. Maria Boonen says:

    OM LOVE.

  34. Dana Nepochatova says:

    Очень класные ребята.они как каманда

  35. Neo Hippy Kool says:


  36. Sublime Diakrisis says:

    The chemistry.
    Just WOW!

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