Electro Swing Dance Progress Timeline – 1 Year!

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This is the 1 year progress timeline video showing my improvement in electro swing dancing as time went.


1st week: Parov Stelar – Catgroove
3rd week: The Su’sis – This and This (DJ Farrapo Remix)
7th week: Caravan Palace – Suzy
2.5 months: Caravan Palace – Lone Digger
4 months: Jamie Berry feat Octavia Rose – Lost in the Rhythm
5 months: Jamie Berry feat Rosie Harte – Peeping Tom
6 months: Caravan Palace – Jolie Coquine
6.5 months: The Electric Swing Circus – Mr Magpie
7 months: Parov Stelar – Booty Swing
7.5 months: Wolfgang Lohr feat Sanna Hartfield – Losing (Balduin Remix)
8 months: Parov Stelar feat Anduze – Josephine
9 months (1): Parov Stelar – The Mojo Radio Gang
9 months (2): Josh Wave feat Stephan Fischer – Hungarian Dance Remix
10 months: Lyre le Temps – Looking Like This
11 months: Odd Chap – Button Up
1 year: Jamie Berry feat Octavia Rose – Delight

Huge thanks to everyone for encouragement and inspiration!

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20 Responses

  1. SavageGoldy says:

    Fortnite fortnite fortnite..

  2. Captain Cube says:

    Hey man! In the beginning of this video https://youtu.be/FEWi3l1ghD4 does JSM do a very “funky and wide” running man?

  3. Brian Smith says:

    This is awesome! I hope this inspires a lot more people to take up electro swing dancing! It’s such a fun style to watch. How many hours per week did you practice? I’m thinking of taking it up myself, and I’m curious how much of a time commitment it is.

  4. Gabus Lizino says:

    Evolves more and more into a 60's gangster

  5. Captain Cube says:

    What are the most important moves to practice at first? For example should I be prioritizing v step over my running man?

  6. David Yoon says:

    such a nice bro!

  7. Shaune Kaiser says:

    This is remarkable! An absolute joy to watch, thanks for posting it.

  8. NeonEast says:

    I also want to know how long you practised per day/how often per week on average but I can't seem to find the other comment of that guy. Could you let me know? Also what were your favourite lower bpm songs to dance to at first? Very inspiring, keep it up.

  9. Josh White-Pearl says:

    How many hours per day/week did you practice for?

  10. You deserve The mean comment says:

    Is the fedora required? I’m scared I might turn into a neckbeard

  11. retrolectrovideo says:

    …hard exercising…

  12. Gage Bublitz says:

    i'd have to say you're ready for the clubs!

  13. Fuzzawuzzit says:

    Aw sweet! I'd love to learn how to dance like this! Definitely gonna try .

  14. We Were Giants says:

    I love the effort!

  15. ktorres says:

    This should have more views damn!!
    you inspired me to dance electro swing I'm in my 3 week dancing I hope I become an awesome dancer like you!
    I will keep practicing and be a cool dancer like you so wish me luck 😀

  16. Lena says:

    this is great! Where did you learn it? I really want to but don't know where to start…

  17. Davide P. says:

    Wow amazing!! congrats!!!could you please do some tutorials of all the moves you do? there are no videos on web

  18. Dave Rivers says:

    Very very cool.

  19. Matěj Novotný says:

    ♪♫(ノ゚▽゚)ノ You have made a big progress! I like your dance! It's GREAT! (ノ゚▽゚)ノ ♫♪

  20. Vanetrik says:

    What was the reason for you to actually start doing this? Is it because you like the genre?

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