Drake Bell Teaches a Fan How To Swing Dance Outside The Roxy 2/19/12

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this was after Ariana Grande’s show! hahaha Drake is such a cool guy :]
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39 Responses

  1. mackenzie fritz says:

    Drake when am I gonna be able to meet you? I'm your biggest fan

  2. deadpool fan says:

    This has gotta be the luckiest 6 minutes and 25 seconds of that girls life.

  3. deadpool fan says:

    Thisngoesmto show that how great of a person drake is, he loves his fans, and goes out of his way to spend time with them. He even doesn't make toy is fans feel like that they are talking to a celebrity because he becomes one of them and makes sure that his fans are having fun.


    Drake bell is an amazing person, he loves his fans.

    Why is not he as famous as other celebrities?

  5. mundo de locos says:

    Aquí con el nudes

  6. scu10 says:

    Keith Richards 5:10 :v

  7. tastemiskittlez rainbow says:

    He is so sweet he devoted his time to teach her this dance

  8. Big Idjit says:

    Drake Bell, bendigo el día en que naciste.

  9. Amber Stottlar says:

    i am so jelus

  10. Sandra Noemí says:

    que envidia de verdad, pero que gran suerte tuvo de bailar con DRAKE BELL, se ve tan guapo como siempre, una belleza de hombre. ahre

  11. Ariel Ariel says:

    Drake bell

  12. Beatriz Jaimez says:

    he's really handsome 🙂

  13. Dolly Parton0425 says:

    I think he did a good job teaching her how to swing dance

  14. Dolly Parton0425 says:

    I wish he was a dance teacher…. I think he would be good

  15. Liana Ocastro says:

    It just goes to show you don't have to be on top to enjoy your life, you can have some fame, some fans and believe it or not, it's satisfying. Plus you don't have to deal with as much pressure or bullshit like paparazzis.

  16. Samantha An says:

    OMG me muero lentamente!

  17. Cassy Francis says:

    what a gentleman 🙂

  18. Ashey Potato says:

    I met drake my profile picture

  19. Andrea Horan Levine says:

    cosas que nunca me pasaran

  20. Luke Somera says:

    I hope drake bell teaches miranda cosgrove also

  21. GaE says:

    I watched this video almost two years ago and I though that It was a special moment to you!!! <3 I think that he is amazing and so friendly with his fans <3 I was so happy when I watched!! and I said to myself "My dream since I was 15 is dance rock and roll with Drake Bell and some day I will do it as her" <3 now I know that anything is posible and the dreams come true (sorry for my bad english jaja)

  22. Mysticprima says:

    I also think the reason he danced with her was because, not only is he an amazing guy, but he found her endearing in her 1950s style swing dress. 🙂

  23. Mysticprima says:

    He'd be amazing on either Strictly Come Dancing or Dancing with the Stars!

  24. Drakester Bell says:

    I'd love to dance with him, but I'm so shy…

  25. annie says:

    what a great guy

  26. Leyla Ayarait Sanchez says:

    Amé este video, su cara tan adorable, su pinta y la disposición por enseñarle a la niña

  27. Lluvia Amateco says:

    Quiero que a mi también me enseñe 🙁

  28. Maria Reyes says:

    que emocion!!!

  29. Olivia Halua says:

    I just love him. He's such a great guy and i'm sorry but i just know justin bieber wouldn't do this for a fan in a mil limón years.

  30. rodrigo reyes hernandes says:

    woow sabeee

  31. Marella Reyes says:

    Adorable <3

  32. Juliana Casablancas says:

    Si Drake baila conmigo prometo actuar normal (NO: gritar,no desmayarme, no llorar de la alegría) ACTUAR NORMAL…

  33. Rainbow Dash says:

    <3 Drake 

  34. mjangellife says:

    LOLZ at 2:13 Those people on that bus that pulls up must've felt some type of way seeing Drake Bell and a fan dancing! Lol!

  35. Saiya Phagoora says:

    He's such a nice person!!!

  36. Wavy . says:

    why does he sound like a flaming faggot?

  37. kami66ro says:

    That does really shows how many celebrities like justin bieber dont care about their fans, the even insult them right in their faces, and people still love them. When there are celebs like Drake that they make time for their fans and they dont mind getting an picture or even dancing with them, those are the kind of people that i really respect and admire 🙂

  38. Lee Quiazon says:

    too much holding hands… <3 <3 <3 

  39. Lee Quiazon says:

    dang! she's so lucky <3

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