Demi Lovato Performs on Dancing With The Stars (04/07/2009)

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Demi Lovato sings “La La Land” on the April 7th episode of Dancing With The Stars.

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46 Responses

  1. ramon birch says:

    She's too talented

  2. Ana Laura says:

    Always perfect <3

  3. emilaysjonas says:

    i have a really strong feeling that the guy at 1:33 mentioned above is cody linley…it really looks a lot like him.

  4. Katja Kramljak says:

    me too 😀 yes, she is 🙂

  5. CawcawRawrrr says:

    I just watched all of her DWTS Performances… SHE IS AMAZING EVERY SINGLE TIME!

  6. Thomas Glauninger says:

    wow, what a great dance performance

  7. lis lovedg says:

    DEMI IS AMAZING…. <3 <3

  8. sharynmi says:

    loved the choreography went well with the song

  9. x3Yassminnaa says:


  10. Stéfane Goulart says:

    What an amazing dancers! Horrible clothes, but It's awesome. And Demi's voice sounds strong and perfect as always.

  11. consuello glamxo says:

    she looks the same now as she did then!

  12. Jessica Croxton says:

    OMG Demi is so perf like I can't even

  13. Angelsgirl4 says:

    Love her hair here!

  14. Calla y Escucha says:

    2:13-2:18 OMG!!!! Incredible note!!!

  15. cassie beeler says:

    So I love Demi but I was wondering if you guys could check out some of my videos and I know it's only one cuz I can't do it when my sisters aren't distracted of can't he'd me cuz they'll tell me to stop but I PROMISE to more up after school!

  16. yenny nguyen says:

    Demi Lovato is gorgeous ,.,, her voice is just amazing …. 100 times better than Selena Gomez

  17. dhanisha says:

    1:57 – 2:30 PURE MAGIC. She sounds AMAZING! It's hard to believe that's a 16 year old up there :')

  18. Echaka Monjok says:

    One of my faveorite performances from her!!! 🙂

  19. CamGamerr says:

    HAHAHAHA its funnah xD

  20. Demi adrea says:

    1:47 – 1:50 I love how she sounds. <3 🙂

  21. samantha L says:

    the dance was so cute

  22. Mai Hà says:

    she had an incredible voice

  23. 1GiiirlWithAttitude says:

    Demiiii's freakiiinn AAWWWEEESSSOOOMMMMMMMEEEEEE!!!! <<<33333 Loveeee heeerrrrr ++++++++++++++

  24. emily yeoman says:

    to be honest i think her voice is gonna be gone after all her screaming because its like a screachhhhhhhhhh thumbs up if you agree

  25. Block0girl says:

    p.s. dancing was amaxing too

  26. Block0girl says:

    so far my favorite singer omg she has real singing talent!

  27. Corianna Givens says:

    @Ferbbie shut it punk!

  28. Lizzehhh25 says:

    Watched this just after watching her skyscraper performance on the show… Gosh she has grown up sooo much.. Love her.She is like the only disney star who can sing live exceptionally well.

  29. Fil Burns says:

    she can hit those notes! dayum. ^O^

  30. Sahara Pagan says:

    she looks so young at 1:47

  31. _blackxx says:


  32. Inès Pitschon says:

    Demi is like the only disneystar that can sing live! but I like Selena (and Miley) to but Demi just sings the best…

  33. LeoGoulart24 says:


  34. Alex Black says:

    she's amazing. I LOVE her style, it's like girly glam rock, really cool

  35. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    @LiveLaughLovesss no problem dollface

  36. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    @LiveLaughLovesss 'still better than most performances by other srtists" i couldnt disagree more

  37. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    @LiveLaughLovesss ok. my bad. however i think demi is overrated. her unbroken album is severely overrated, too many the songs are crappily written and cookie cutter-like (but thats not really her fault cause she didnt write a lot of it). i do really like her dont forget album though, even though its kind of jonas-sounding since they wrote a huge part of it.

  38. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    @LiveLaughLovesss you have? good, then you know of their deep songs. legendtina is a legend that no one, escpecially demi, can replace. i'm sorry but demi's voice is nowhere near as powerful as xtina's. & far superior to anyone in the last ten years? you have to be kidding. ever heard of, to name a few, carrie underwood? or leona lewis? or hayley williams? or jojo? or hayley westenra? and dont get me started on male vocalists like josh groban.

  39. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    @LiveLaughLovesss you obviously havent heard all of aly and aj's albums/eps/songs. & sorry if aly(and aj) have a great relationship with their dad and cant write a song like 'for the love of a daughter'. and taking the place of christina? haha no. if you think demi is the best recent disney singer then fine, but dont say shes the only one from disney that can sing, cause that isnt true. there are others that can.

  40. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    and i cant stand when people but down selena on all these demi videos. putting selena down does nothing to help demi. and this is coming from someone who hates selena with a burnind passion.

  41. ElectrikkPaperClipxx says:

    i cant stand it when people say shes the only disney star who sings well. ever heard of jordan pruitt, raven, and aly michalka? seriously, they can sing too. quit being so ignorant and blowing other disney singers off just because theyre not your favorite.

  42. Zulaykah says:

    @TheNae352 Yeah, She the Only that can Actually sing(:

  43. imneonlight. says:

    beautiful beautifully sings them is the best thing to come out of disney was worth signing a contract with Disney's amooooo! These vocal lines I die * _ *
    I love that is recovered ♥

  44. Adriano Silva says:

    @simensays ahahah lol how in hell do you notice that ?! very well

  45. amaraamara100 says:

    She stole the show. 🙂

  46. Vale Guidi says:


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