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38 Responses

  1. Leftward Sloping Penis says:

    WHAT!!! I thought Shawn won. I mean her intro says “Dancing With The Stars champion.”

  2. mary turner says:

    I have always wondered what happens when DWTS goes off tv

  3. Reborn Snuzzles says:

    Shawn: I'm not good at this.

    Proceeds to absolutely slay it!

  4. Carolyn Zhang says:

    Nastia has such a bubbly personality! So different from her seriousness as a competitor

  5. Jance Mac says:

    She's gorgeous

  6. T Ratliff says:

    shawn johnson do you know Gabby Douglas

  7. lol okay says:


  8. phoebe lee says:

    I love seeing all the girls together. It makes me feel so happy. All of u are so humble about everything especially after the 2008 Olympics. I love u all

  9. Life Life says:

    your eyes look stunning Shawn!

  10. SNLyons says:

    You need to get Nastia to start vlogging now!! lol 😀

  11. Andrew Boone says:

    Why is an ABC show shot on a CBS lot?

  12. victoria c says:

    Omg your dresses are so beautiful!!

  13. Sha Brown says:

    I love your eyelashes Shawn!!! 🙂

  14. Breezy 123 says:

    Julianne hough at 6:09!!!

  15. Frensis26 says:

    Nastia is so goofy! I love that! You guys should definitely do a video together about your friendship!!

  16. Lily Deng says:

    so funny how she's like WHATEVER GOOD TO BE HOME!!! literally my life

  17. Delicia Williams says:

    Y do u guys have to wear so much makeup

  18. Rebecca Hudson says:

    I just found you on here yesterday. You 2 need a tv show!!!

  19. Violet Kelly says:

    Shawn do you know Gabby Dougles

  20. katie sage says:

    was shawn on dancing with the stars

  21. Kevin Jewell says:

    Do you know why you haven't slept for the past 4 days, those false eyelashes….if you close they know they'll NEVER open again with the weight of the lashes on those poor lids.

  22. makeup_kween says:

    I love Shawn and Andrew they are such a cute couple!

  23. Mia Holderness says:

    (Ignore my profile picture) I was so excited when I saw you and Nastia!! I have been a huge fan of you ever since I started gymnastics 🙂

  24. Erica Compton says:

    ANDREW SHOULD VLOG LIKE THAT MORE. Just saying that was cute as all hell.

  25. lame duck says:

    So happy to see you and Nastia together!I've been waiting for a video of you 2 together ever since I saw the gymnastics competitions❤

  26. darkdancerman says:

    like how can a couple be so cute

  27. Callie Banning says:

    who else thought that black dot was a ufo

  28. Cass m says:

    also I was like praying you guys were vloging that day when I saw all your snapchats! I hope Nastia makes a youtube one day!

  29. Cass m says:

    I love your vlogs please keep doing them and maybe a q&a soon!

  30. Kylie Armstrong says:

    Are you and Nastia still as good as you were in the Olympics

  31. Aubrey Quenneville says:

    Awe you were reunited with Nastia! Was it nice that you got to see eachother again?

  32. Kristy Soto says:

    Omg so glad I stumbled on your channel!!!

  33. Kallie Rogers says:

    you got this in the bag shawn

  34. Joshua says:

    It's my 13th birthday today!!!

  35. Slime Life says:

    What state or country do you live in

  36. Bella Rose says:

    Omg you NEED to come to Tahlequah OK cause that's where I live and I would LOVE to meet you!!!!!!!

  37. Andrea Forsaith says:

    What does Andrew do ?? ❤️

  38. lovedandlossed says:

    Where did you get your earrings??

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