Dancing with the Stars – Dave Burleigh – Dry Bar Comedy

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Watch Dave Burleigh’s entire special at (tips encouraged). If you only watch clips on YouTube you are missing his best stuff!

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15 Responses

  1. Jasmine Chaney says:

    The Okay Wall of 'Gina is an international treasure!

  2. Solana Rodriguez says:

    He is super funny!

  3. *Lady Voldemort* says:

    He's good! Owen + Vince was my favorite!!!

  4. That Black Guy Who Loves Cute Shit says:

    His Donald Trump is spot on.

  5. modig Abdi says:


  6. Chandie East says:

    Please make this guy famous!

  7. Roberto D says:

    The Vince Vaughn bit has me dying.

  8. DoctorXProducer says:


  9. Jon Bell says:

    Excellent impressions

  10. Danafondo says:

    Ummm Al Gore invented the microwave just before he invented the internet. Research, dude!

  11. Danafondo says:

    He was great on America's Got Talent.

  12. Ricky Sanders says:

    The ok wall of China lol

  13. Derrick Lopez says:

    Haha funny guy

  14. Allanna Cadle says:

    Spot on impressions! My favorites were Trump, Vince and Owen 😀

  15. Todd Michael says:

    Amazing skill to pull off the impressions, and amazing wit to write such great material to go with the impressions! Bravo.

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