Conor Maynard – That Way (DJ Tronky Bachata Remix)

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From the original Backstreet Boys’s song, “I Want It That Way”, cover by the amazing Conor Maynard. Remix by DJ Tronky with an additional house/instrumental part.
Hope you enjoy!

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24 Responses

  1. Aleesha Farnham says:

    Get this on iTunes!!!

  2. Dana Marcelo says:

    Lyrics pleaseee

  3. Kimberly Marlin says:

    who else is here because of the couple dancing to this song on facebook?

  4. theflatwall says:

    Vocoder gepimpt… der Typ kann eigentlich überhaupt gar nicht singen.

  5. Adriana M says:

    PLEASE PUT THIS ON ITUNES!!! Absolutely best cover ever!!

  6. Irene says:

    i was here for the lols but this actually so good

  7. Adriana Sifuentes says:

    NO WAY. Where have I been! TB to the 90's #bachata #90'sBaby #BSB #DJTronky #fire

  8. Talisa Gallegos says:

    AMAZING!!!! ❤️


    I'ts a beautiful one!

  10. Alexis Zengotita says:

    Please put this on Apple Music !!!

  11. Valerie V says:

    Pease put this on iTunes!!!

  12. BioEster says:

    Porque no la encuentro en iTunes ni Spotify? 🙁

  13. Isyainert Gonzalez says:

    me encantaaaa!

  14. Kionda says:

    In loveeee

  15. Gerson Peralta says:

    Nice remix good work Dj tronky

  16. Hiba Kawoukji says:

    Hey! Id love to hear a bachata version of MERCY or YOU AINT HERE TO KISS ME or INCASE YOU DIDN'T KNOW for brett young!!

  17. Mary navarrete says:

    spotify pleeeeeeeaaaasssss

  18. Mathias Grez says:

    Pls go on spotify, im loving this mix

  19. Jessica Benavides says:

    Will this version be available on itunes?

  20. Max R says:

    3rd grade song

  21. Ihab Khalil says:

    It would be better for me if it was a slower version

  22. Miriam Juarez says:

    Que Bachata mas bella 🙂

  23. La Meli says:


  24. Ellie Mann says:

    Love it! Thank you for making this.

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