Cogele El Gusto by Wayne Gorbea – Salsa Rhythm & Timing (HD)

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* Free Salsa Timing and Rhythm video for the song: Cogele El Gusto by Wayne Gorbea and his group Salsa Picante

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42 Responses

  1. Ella dice says:

    Buen vídeo didáctico. Gracias.

  2. Jorge De León says:

    Enseña mucho y "afina" el oido. gracias!!!

  3. Tobiasz Dziubiński says:

    So how much steps I should do between each one? I can not even count to eight so I assume it's 1,2,3 pause (one)?

  4. William Del Castillo says:

    juan, juan the number one jajajaja

  5. Axel Troja says:

    Great Stuff I hope you do more of that – I would also like to know th diffrents to Mambo & Bachata

  6. Joel Azuaje says:

    ese conteo no sirve señores ,,,,, el uno lo marca es la clave ,,,,,y ese one no coincide con el uno de la clave,,,,,,,,,,,,el que baile esta canción por ese one estaa bailando atravesao

  7. Vincenzo Benvenuto says:


  8. Rodolfo Núñez Uribe says:

    Small but musically meaningful feedback:

    The “Beat” you are counting in this video is actually half of the real musical beat. Beats are the quarter notes and when we dance “salsa”, we usually count eighth notes, not quarters (i.e. not beats). So you should say just “Count” instead of “Beat” OR you should count beats from 1 to 4 in the same time.

    By counting eighths instead of quarters as “beats” you are saying that the BPM of any song is double the real BPM (Beats per Minute). I usually see a discrepancy about this between dancers and musicians (I’m a dancer with some musical knowledge).

    If I’m missing something, please tell me 😉

  9. SMATF5 says:

    Juan! Juan! Juan! Juan! Juan! Juan! Juan! Juan!

  10. Kitsch&Chic Florence Cheap vacation Terraced House says:

    I have just started learning Salsa and this video is VERY useful. Thank you!!

  11. Serg Vl says:

    Потрясающе, все компоненты не совпадают со словом "one".

  12. Burkhard Lierath says:

    Fantastic tool. One step closer to feel the Cuban music. Well done, Muchas grazias

  13. José MONDACA says:

    Eeeeeeaaaaaaaaa salsa, esto te quedo muy bueno una explicación muy bien hecha gracias por su aporte hermano

  14. Angel Diaz Perez says:

    Muchas gracias.  Has elegido una bonita cancion para hacer mas ameno el timing.

  15. Wojciech Grajewski says:

    Would be great to have a version with the visualized rhythm but without "one" spoken out loud. I think I could better test myself if I really get it right

  16. Ron Garcia says:

    Love this. What an awesome tool for learning and developing afro/Cuban music skills. Thank you.

  17. thadawerk says:

    great video

  18. HOLA PERRO says:

    quiero ese software pero no tengo tarjeta y vivo en ecuador

  19. giug gia says:

    I have just started learning Salsa and this video is VERY useful. Thank you!!

  20. Justice ForPinoys says:


  21. EDU005 says:

    Juan, Juan, Juan…♫

  22. Apolinar Rojo says:

    He bailado toda mi vida, y, pienso que con ritmo. A mì no me da con este conteo.Yo marco 7 en donde dice "one" y siento que marco el ritmo y la cadencia mucho mejor. Si Uds. escuchan el TUMBAO del piano que va de principio a fin, inclusive en algunos solos de piano, notaràn con mas claridad los compases o sea, 1,2,3…5,6,7
    el 4 y el 8 ya sabemos que son pausas (acentos).No confundamos el acento de la primer nota(negra) con el acento que implica un tiempo alargado o nota(blanca)que consume 2 tiempos:el 3 y el 4(1er.compàs) o el 7y el 8 en el 2o.compas.En bajeo simple sería así: PUM,PUM,PUUUM  y PUM;PUM;PUUUM.
               Por favor hagan la prueba y tal vez me concedan la razón. Solo pretendo que
    realmente DISFRUTEN mejor del Ritmo.
               Saludos afectuosos de "ABACUBA" que significa: Amigos por el BAile y la CUltura del BAile. Desde Guadalajara,Mex.

  23. Gerardo Manuel Bramon Arnao says:


  24. Michelle Knoop says:

    This is very cool. Hey could you do Sonora Carruseles' "Micaela" next?

  25. Vicente Sancho Arlandis says:

    me gusta.

  26. jesus olivares rodriguez says:

    es muy bueno para la practica
    estari muy bien que sigan publicando mas de estos videos

  27. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Hi, do you speak English?

  28. Bảo Khang Mai Lê says:

    Quảng cáo của cốm ăn ngon Hoa Thiên là mất cảm giác!

  29. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Thank you! Hope your baby grows to love Salsa music 🙂

  30. angelsgirl515 says:

    I really enjoy this. It's perfect for me to use for teaching my baby.

  31. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Thank you Patrick! Happy to read that you like it, good idea about the percussion sequencer! How would you envision it? p.s. where are you from?

  32. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    haha sip

  33. Patrick Rundin says:

    Excellent video! This help a lot as there is so much going on at the same time. It would be really great if you could add a simple percussion sequencer visualization for each instrument to make the rythms visual!

  34. Llibran luna says:

    De una y de dos salsa rica …talento mexicano en hora buena suena rica solo que eso del one o no se que sea suena por un rato bored

  35. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Thank you Enrique! Perhaps you will find our new software, Visual Salsa, helpful. It will let you practice your timing with many Salsa songs and also tests yourself, and improve your ability to keep your timing and stay on the beat. You are invited to contact us and get more info, if this sounds interesting to you 🙂

  36. Enrique6299 says:

    This is very helpful. I can usually find the One but then I slow down or speed up getting off beat.

  37. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Thanks! ps, where are you from?

  38. Manuel Perez says:


  39. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    You welcome friend 🙂 Have a great year full of dances and joy!

  40. woper522 says:

    Thank you SO MUCH compa!!!, this is very useful. Grettings from México.

  41. Salsa Beat Machine says:

    Going over your channel, your work for dancing pencils is wonderful! Very creative idea, you surely got me impressed 🙂 Have you been raised in Manhattan? Saludos desde Israel!

  42. PEPEdela110 says:

    I'm from Manhattan, NY. . . and I've been dancing FOREVER… =D . . .well, since I was a little child. I liked your video…and I like Wayne Gorbea's music! I did my own version of Salsa and Bachata timing over a year ago. But your videos are more sophisticated and entertaining visually. Anyway, keep up the good work, my friend. Saludos desde Manhattan!

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