Ciara – Ride Choreography

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moii [: danciing to Ciara – Ride ; but this tiime the viideo dance . !

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39 Responses

  1. T-AYE says:

    Could you a step by step for this?!???

  2. CiARAfRK says:

    thanks 😀

  3. CiARAfRK says:

    @gunnerxxdevil thanks 😀

  4. CiARAfRK says:

    @karima275 LOL ii have a miix wiith Giimmiie Dat that ii'll upload a dance to soon:)

  5. CiARAfRK says:

    @karima275 😀 <3

  6. CiARAfRK says:

    @sassycruz oh awe:) YEY schpanks!:)

  7. Natural_NBlessed says:

    If i could dance like you i would try out for a music video……….. Your really good

  8. CiARAfRK says:

    @ireneparangi lol not wiierd ii meat "werd" as iin "for real" lol ii'm straiight too [:

  9. CiARAfRK says:

    @bebasbii1 stop shakiin' iit tho iit may fall off [:

  10. Godfather Creed says:

    @CiARAfRK 🙂 ur welcome

  11. CiARAfRK says:

    @Blackjesus3 thanks!:)

  12. Godfather Creed says:


  13. CiARAfRK says:

    @BbyBigguh OH ii learned iit by watchiing the viideo over & over .! iit's not that hard iit just takes a lot of tiime & determiinatiion…whiich ii thiink you got [:

  14. CiARAfRK says:

    @9MsLashay thanks!:)

  15. CiARAfRK says:

    @lovemyrobbenkayhay5 awe thank you berry much !! that means a LOT to me .! ii'll keep these words wiith me always!:) <3

  16. CiARAfRK says:

    @jaqueloinne67890 ayee thankssssss [:

  17. CiARAfRK says:

    @WifeyNumberOne awe ! ii agree ! thankssss!:)

  18. WifeyNumberOne says:

    This was so damn good. Keep it up. Next time you should dance in a more open space so that you're not hindered by the cramped location. Other than that, you need to be a professional dancer 😀

  19. CiARAfRK says:

    @hotworkoutbody thankk youuu .! [:

  20. CiARAfRK says:

    @s0fid0fi thanks youuu !! & ii wiill next tiime [:

  21. CiARAfRK says:

    @boyfriendgurl lmfaoo thankssssssss !! ii appreciiatee iittt [:

  22. CiARAfRK says:

    @SoYouCanChoreograph thanksss .! & ii wiill next tiime [:

  23. CiARAfRK says:

    @ireneparangi werrdddd [:

  24. CiARAfRK says:

    @aji75005 haha ii'm straiight too ;D & thannk youuu [:

  25. CiARAfRK says:

    @pinkpanpan tehe thankssss [:

  26. boyfriendgurl says:

    Ha !
    that was dumb retardedd.
    idkk wdff yu thought chuu was doin but that aint the business.
    girrl bye

  27. xo Aji says:

    Yu r awesme!! Yu doo it gr8! Wnna b frenz, m a girl nd am 14 ..(m staright). 🙂 nboxx me

  28. CiARAfRK says:

    @ashmgilliam lol thank youuu .! and ii bet you can do iit too !! [:

  29. CiARAfRK says:

    @MY3BADBOYZ thankssssss .! [:

  30. CiARAfRK says:

    @mrsatnov thank youuu berry muchh .! [:

  31. CiARAfRK says:

    @TheCeCeTv lmaoo aiight thank youuu for lettiing me know .!

  32. MY3BADBOYZ says:

    you did good

  33. CiARAfRK says:

    @Naiomiy thank youuu berry muchh !! and ii bet you diid great too [:

  34. CiARAfRK says:

    @flexishelb aiight ; thank youuu for lettiing me know ! [:

  35. CiARAfRK says:

    @ecarter08 lol werrddd ! and you wiill get there ! thank youuu berry muchh for the love [:

  36. CiARAfRK says:

    @nelaiiayahdigg awe ! yey ! thank youuu babezz [: ! iillyy mucho <33

  37. CiARAfRK says:

    @mztommiip aiight ; thank youuu for the love and lettiing me know ! [:

  38. CiARAfRK says:

    @suckiesinga13 lol yeah they call me Liil CiCi 😀 but thank youuu so much for the love ! [:

  39. CiARAfRK says:

    @angiedee99 thank youuuu berry muchh ! [:

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