Chuck and Julianne at Dancing With The Stars 4/6/09

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Congrats to Julianne, ACM’s Top New Artist!

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12 Responses

  1. Maddie Sullivan says:

    hahaha i love him
    hes sooo funny
    they r a good couple though
    that dog is cool too lol

  2. CREATIVE1N says:

    1 c0ver y0ur m0uth with y0ur hand
    2 make a wish int0 it
    3 cl0se y0ur hand {make it int0 a fist}
    4 h0ld y0ur fist t0 y0ur heart f0r 5 sec.
    5 send dis t0 3 m0re vide0s
    6 t0m0rr0w will be y0ur best day ever

  3. Harley Dallojacono says:

    do u no wat kind of dog lexie is?

  4. Samantha Gawronski says:


  5. Ca Va says:

    Julianne seems like a very interesting character.

  6. missycroc1 says:

    julianne is pretty… but I want Chuck Wicks dangit 🙁

  7. Ashley Dyson says:

    cute couple i love both of them!

  8. jazmella says:

    Oh my Lord, they're the cutest couple in the world! And I just lost it during the dog part. lol. So sweet!

  9. dramagal19 says:

    Love the dog

  10. Kari Wyler says:

    they are so funny and cute. Chuck is very good. I think they'll go far. YIPPEE

  11. Becca Brown says:

    You two have my votes! Julianne i'm happy you won top new artist on acm!

  12. horsesrox312 says:

    you guys were great last night i voted many times online and calling cant wait to see the show tonight. hope your safe. Lexie is so cute and congratulations julianne on the big win i was really happy when i heard your name call for top new artist. 🙂
    love always kendyl

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