Christoph Waltz Interview “Inglourious Basterds”

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Christoph Waltz as Col. Hans Landa will certainly get a Best Supporting Actor Oscar nod this awards season. His performance as the evil “Jew Hunter” is memorable, and stole many scenes from the equally great Brad Pitt.

In our interview, we talked about:

*** How he got involved with “Inglourious Basterds”
*** What attracted him to the character
*** The character’s flaws
*** Working with Quentin Tarantino
*** Perhaps a Best Supporting Actor award in the future?

Take a look and have fun!

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43 Responses

  1. Sofia Amhen says:

    it certainly has nothing to do but I find it very charismatic.

  2. Sugarsnap says:

    I love this dude with a passion, but I really think that as a person, he's terribly boring. Way too stoic and stuttering.

  3. John Suh says:

    I don't understand the hate for the interviewer. All of his questions were thoughtful and legitimate. It's not the interviewer's job to be insightful and clever. It's his job to give voice to the simple-minded and obvious queries so as to invite insightful and clever responses from the interviewee. By that standard, I think he did a very good job.

  4. Chicken Mike says:

    Whoever put this guy in contact with Quentin Tarantino deserves a BIIIIIIIIIIIIG raise.

  5. sandeep pilankar says:

    Not seen a better actor than Sir Christoph Waltz…yes he deserves to be addressed as Sir. Loved his character & felt very threatened at times while watching the pipe scene & interrogation scene in hotel. Hats off to to Christoph for doing the right justice to the character of Hans Landa

  6. dear son says:

    Who's that boy ? ………..the interviewer !!

  7. MrReguieg81 says:

    The interviewer is a rocky asshole.

  8. stars shine says:

    One of my favorite movies <3

  9. Brian says:

    he's such a thoughtful actor.

  10. Bogdashha says:

    Only if he smirked occasionally… ;(

  11. Bradley Greenwood says:

    Who the hell is THAT fruitcake?

  12. leonardo diestra says:

    The chubby boy/girl makes feel strange.

  13. Dan Plux says:

    What a biiig difference between this great artist and the … person who is interviewing him.

  14. llim llim says:

    he has an austrian accent

  15. Amanda Emilie says:

    When that scene came on I became so hungry. I really wanted that strudel! Looked yummy <3

  16. fendyamin says:

    The impact is great, since I am even scared with him even during this interview

  17. RasF00 says:

    because if she was the genius she would be the one getting interviewed

  18. mirrencorin says:

    he's such a hot thing. oh my god. talented, handsome, intelligent. good job 😀

  19. Ana Zelen says:

    This man looks like a REAL gentleman! <3

  20. UtwoOneMaster says:

    Oh, definitely, there is no arguing about that, palooka! xD

  21. max bjelland says:

    the interviewer is a little shit omg

  22. titinalous says:


  23. Stephen Anna Marydas says:

    inglorious bastards become so much more classic with his performance..the opening scene is so amazing..i hav a DVD of the film..and i saw the first scene for like 100 times..also like "its a bingo" line at the end

  24. TheNorthWolf says:

    I think all acting performances in Tarantino movies are incredible, because he knows how to coax the best performance out of an actor and he doesn't settle for anything less.

  25. Ivan Pedersen says:

    Quote Tarentino : I knew that when I created Col. Hans Landa on paper he was maybe the best character I have ever created, but I thought he might be unplayable by an actor, then when Christph Waltz started reading the lines, I knew ive found him! now thats respect!

  26. Darth Nixa says:

    I love how Waltz seems to be silently annoyed by the idiot, but tries not to show it.

  27. Gimme Shelter says:

    I love him so much. my god he is so sexy

  28. David Schlicht says:

    "Mr. Christoph"? Lol? Does he think you address Germans with their first name ^^?

  29. stacey eff says:

    Amazing actor! also sooo good in django unchained..

  30. jumbovs says:

    Such a perfectionist….i love this guy

  31. MrSiscoF says:

    What's racist about calling the interviewer an idiot ?

  32. SophieGoethe says:

    Oh god. Those eyes..

  33. Alejandra Bustamante says:

    he's a genious! and a hot genious at that.

  34. Hoiro Valencia says:

    that asshole is so gay

  35. prochrgedLT1 says:

    Tell me Aldo. If I was sitting where you're sitting, would you show ME mercy? Great acting and character.

  36. News Now Yucaipa says:

    Col. Landa as bad a character as he is, and evil, was a very interesting and intriguing character. You find yourself rooting for Landa. Have some strudel, ahhh dont forget the creme

  37. The8ball86 says:


  38. The8ball86 says:

    That gay is feeling so happy talkin to mr.Waltz but Waltz don't even give a shit abt him,he's just stayin cool

  39. The8ball86 says:

    He's charismatic and stay's cool……I love the part in Inglorious Bastards when he got angry at Lt.Also Raine at the end of the film lol

  40. Mosin Nagant says:

    this guy is changing lot of men to gays !!

  41. Masdash Dash says:

    *_* i love your french speech

  42. The Roman says:

    This guy verbally made everyone shit their pants.

  43. Mauricio Trajano says:

    he's a really good actor

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