Chick Gets NAKED on “Dancing with the Stars!” | TMZ

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“Dancing with the Stars” SUCKS in America compared to the Argentinean version — because down there the female dancers get COMPLETELY NAKED.

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We love Hollywood, we just have a funny way of showing it.

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Chick Gets NAKED on “Dancing with the Stars!” | TMZ

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48 Responses

  1. 234assman says:

    yeeeah argentine rules bro , ass and bobs ,pole dancing and streeptease on public tv totaly free dat is entertainment hahaha

  2. Lord Snowball says:

    I really hate the crappy people that work at TMZ and how they'll do anything for a story but… this video was still hilarious.

  3. FlapJack 885 says:


  4. Made in a different world says:

    even uncensored she is wearing pasties so she not really naked and tmz sucks ass anyway.

  5. Cvhالسماء Gg says:


  6. Merecir says:

    You see genitals every time you take a shower/relieve yourself/change underwear, so why are you so afraid to show some on TV?

  7. Reckless.Girl says:

    Funny fact: now she is Mother of three xD

  8. Reckless.Girl says:


  9. David Hammond says:

    God help me my ex looks like nancy Grace now

  10. Colin Stewart says:

    load of crap .. do show it if your not going to show it get the picture

  11. Chalupa Batman says:

    honestly i view this is just showing how up tight and PC america is about nudity

  12. Dean Escobedo says:

    That's what I'm talking about! she is fine.

  13. Sally Loretta says:

    what is this?

  14. Victoria Clark says:


  15. Tiffany Mcclendon says:

    Oh my gosh this is so freaky I didn't even notice

  16. MrMatu2t says:

    argentina rules….

  17. Rosario Fernández says:

    La chick se llama Cinthia Fernández

  18. MrElnuno says:

    America can't show a girl on TV with snap-ons? C'Mon guys. A country as progressive as the USA? What with legalised gay marriage and all…

  19. Gaston Pablo says:

    Woow esa es la gata CINTHIA FERNANDEZ xD

  20. Tom Evans says:

    That TMZ chick at 1:09 looks kinda like a dude

  21. matthew dearth says:

    The voice over always reminds me of dead pool

  22. Mikee Quitoriano says:

    I thought i saw Chris Algieri as a gay. hehe

  23. Bill C-16 says:

    'Dancing with the Pornstars'

  24. Talya Mmmm says:

    איזה סוטים

  25. EnchoR says:

    Post the BOOBS on youtube bitches

  26. Julian Leiva says:

    Argentina rules

  27. Lorelei dela rosa says:


  28. leo jones says:

    She is perfect

  29. bryguy615 says:

    that pic they used of Marie Osmond is Hot.

  30. Mystic Investigations says:

    Maria Osmond Yes!

  31. Francisco Fregona says:

    Aguante Argentina CARAJO! jajajjaja

  32. TechHut BD says:

    Life sucks. My friend has started seeing a ten because 8 weeks ago he joined a website called Master Attraction (Google it if you want to know more.) I’m so envious since I wish to fall madly in love as well. I’m gonna look at this Jake Ayres man’s stuff. Strange thing is, my friend previously had no luck with females. How do you transform that fast? His lady’s like a model!

  33. LOLPOOL007 says:

    So glad that program is not on tv any more, and the host knows what to do, he was the one who used to cut the dacers skirts on live tv

  34. raini stroker says:

    I think be gay is cool cuss my mom is gay

  35. geendankhoor says:


  36. geendankhoor says:

    TMZ: very childish & unfunny & hypocrite

  37. Nova says:

    i meant of you

  38. Nova says:

    does that mean you'll send me some nude pics?

  39. FabiEB1 says:

    ARGENTINA IS STILL AMERICA. JUST SAYING and yes the guy is gay, and let me tell you. Cintia Fernandez is a dancer, not a whore. This kind of dance is called strip dance. OH NOW…ALL OF YOU NEVER WENT TO A STRIP CLUB? NEVER SAW A WOMAN GETTING NAKED? please just shut up and be real.

  40. raini stroker says:


  41. Angelofdeath835 says:

    I love Argentina

  42. Peter Peterson says:

    It's like America BUT SOUTH!!

  43. Alikonish says:

    Not normal, but the dancer is Cinthia Fernández. A little whore.

  44. Jason Murphy says:

    uuuhhhhh maybe cause south and north America are two different continents? just a thought

  45. Mariel says:

    i'm argentinian and watching that moment it was pretty disgusting if you have kids…the girl was complete naked!

  46. Abdi Mursal says:

    After watching this, i just have one thing to say. AMERICAN TELEVISION SUCKS.

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