Bronze Samba – The Basic Step Ballroom Dance Lesson

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Bronze Samba DVD dance lesson is available for download at: This Bronze I Latin DVD collection is the series that follows our Beginners series. It consists of four discs showing the International Style of Samba Cha Cha, Rumba, Jive. The Cha Cha and Jive are a continuation of the Beginners videos while the other Samba and Rumba are taught right from the basic steps. Each DVD features Andy & Wendy Wong, owners and instructors of the largest dance studio in North America, teaching and demonstrating the steps exactly the way they do it in their hugely popular classes. Learn from these professionals who have taught over 18,000 students in their world-renowned dance studio, The Grand Ballroom.

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4 Responses

  1. Ann Jell says:

    This is a very good explanation of the basic ballroom Samba. The timing is described in a clear way which also applies to the Samba bounce and footwork.

  2. Michael Hinton says:

    Predudice. The same was said about the Japanese making cars, whiskey, music and just about everything else. The groove comes from the heart beat not the flag.

  3. pigi pongo says:

    This is okay

  4. PEPA says:

    @BBarNavi jajajajaaj the samba it´s for latin people…. in other countrys think that samba is danced like salsa… and thats a terrible mistake… if you really whant to know dance must find a teacher from brasil… or at least from latin america

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