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What’s up yo? This is Kid Glyde. I’m here to teach you guys some breaking moves. For this one, I’m going to show you some basics. Well actually, what a beginner should know. Straight up. All right? Beginners should know, of course, the four elements of breaking. The four basic elements. There’s more elements, but we’ll go into that later. So anyways, we got top rock; we got the footwork, freezes and power moves, the eye candy of the whole dance.

All right. With top rock, you should have at least three steps. Three steps, Indian step, cross step and at least a side step. The three and you can do the back step. Back step’s easy. Footwork, six step, two step, three step. It’s very important to have the six step. Kick outs, step outs. You should have all that in my first series. Know what I’m saying? Know what I’m saying? Know what I’m saying?

Power moves, first work on freezes to help you get the pop, you know, the strength to get the power moves such as table top, the baby, reverse baby. Then for swipes, I would say let’s work on elevated chair. Elevated chair would look like this. All right. That will help you with your swipes and you’ll be good. That’s what a beginner should know, as a beginner. So, top rock, you’ve got the Indian step and then, the reverse to that, you got the back step.

Then, you’ve got the side step. Three basic top rock moves. A little bit more advanced, but still beginner, is the cross step. Know what I’m saying? Then you’ve got the footwork: step outs. A little faster. Switch hands. You got the kick outs. Step. Kick out, son. And you’ve got the six step, which I showed you all previously. One, two, three, four, five, six. One, two, three, four, five, six.

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38 Responses

  1. Rich VOVids says:

    For the guys who say this doesn't help, this ACTUALLY helps. Before learning any others moves, you have to learn basics first just like he said earlier. Top rocks, 6 step and any other basics. So he basically gives as an overview in breaking

  2. NativeRevolutionist says:

    lmao 'oh snap' kick outs son! lol died laughing

  3. Boston Web Group says:

    I got this link from – thanks!

  4. Angelo Francisco says:

    how do i do this when im fat?

  5. Asad Akram says:


  6. Touya Shinjitsu says:


  7. Quartz Keen says:

    your black thank god I can't do white people stuff I'm bkack

  8. SquigglesMighty says:

    "Know what i'm sayinn, Knowwhamsayinn, Gnome Saiyan."

  9. Rachel Okoro says:

    I am girl and I can do this

  10. oliviatrueboos says:


  11. etibar hashimov says:

    please song please

  12. Taxidermistification says:

    Breakdancing's hard work. Might leave you breathless.

  13. Taxidermistification says:

    Even though those were beginner moves it looked cool and would be enough to impress whoever. Kick out suuuun! 

  14. marcos h says:

    i use to look at this as impossible. now i know

  15. Nicole Beresford says:

    they just show off about how good they are but even i am better then them

  16. Nay Jeremoth says:


  17. Maurits says:

    They do help-

  18. Rainbow Dash The Duck says:

    Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright… -.-

  19. Libby Matthews says:

    "Ohh,Kick-outs sonn" thats just embarrassing…

  20. Maarcoooo says:

    to everyone who says you didnt learn anything, it isn't titled a "how to" video

  21. Victor Alicea says:

    Hey guys! This is just one video of many. This is just an intro to the other videos. So the point of this video is just to give a general idea of basics.

  22. Keke Colon says:

    you really did not teach us enything

  23. Gui Laudas says:


  24. MisterAllDayEveryDay says:

    when did he show us previously?

  25. MisterAllDayEveryDay says:

    but "that's what a beginner should know as a beginner"

  26. Elizabeth White says:

    why does he feel the need to grunt for every step

  27. Elizabeth White says:

    i sincerely apologise, I don't 'know what you're saying' could you please clarify

  28. Mesec Moon says:

    227th comment! Damn, u guys drive me crazy..

  29. wansiton says:

    Oh snap! Kick-outs soooonnn!

  30. Jasper Bruce-Wright says:

    You can see the shotgun mic at 1.06

  31. Tunde Salawu says:

    He didn't actually teach anything…

  32. ukia Stardoll says:


  33. killertoader says:

    the sixstep look wrong

  34. Ilhan Kalkan says:


  35. Refigate says:

    shake dat ass

  36. Elliot Bird says:


  37. Delco S says:

    6th comment!

  38. EvilPizza4 says:


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