Birds Eye Voila! “Tap Dancing” Commercial

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Everyone in the family will finally be eating their vegetables, thanks to Birds Eye Voila! skillet meals. And they only take 15 minutes to make.

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15 Responses

  1. The Great Hawk says:

    Imagine it keeps going so that they all keep laughing while he lies there, vomiting, seizuring and weakly calling out for help crying while he dies slowly from a cerebral hemmorhage. Then they have to stuff him in a little garbage bag and dump him in the woods, weeks later the father can't stand the guilt of the cover-up and shoots himself, leaving a will that says I can have his wife's fine ass!

  2. Sherry Blair says:

    Stop airing this commercial! It is not funny to see birds hurting! Don't buy Bird's eye.

  3. May day says:

    Stupid commercial. The kids are eating, meanwhile an annoying bird is dancing and hurts himself? Is that suppose to be funny?

  4. Jeffrey Bailess says:

    "No capes!"

  5. Betty Z says:

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one thinking this commercial is in bad taste. i know the birds r cartoon characters. But people laughing seems so inappropriate

  6. Truck Doctor says:

    I just seen that they replaced the creepy dad in a remake of the commercial! the old dad looked like he wanted to chew the birds heads off & murder everyone!!!

  7. The Powerlifting Equestrian says:

    Everyone is commenting about the the family is laughing at the injured bird but isn’t commenting about the creepy face the father is making

  8. Eileen Bougon says:

    I hate this commercial because it’s not funny if you love birds. So i will never eat this stuff EVER.

  9. Alex Glass says:

    0:10 the bird when he hurts himself sounds like spongebob screaming
    a tiny bit!

  10. John Meeks says:

    I was going to comment on how sadistic the family was for laughing at a bird's head injury but found that others had beaten me to the punch. I figured, however, to co-sign their though because Birds Eye needs to fire their advertising agency and find a firm that runs ads that are a bit less cringeworthy.

  11. Eileen Byers says:

    Rude to laugh at injury, there was no need to do that. The ads could end on a happy note.

  12. luminousmotion says:

    So the bird is happy that the family is eating healthy, and when he accidentally hurts himself, their response is to laugh? I know it's just animation and just a commercial, but these people are jerks.

  13. Hugo Costa says:

    The Advertising Agency forgot to teach the girl how to chew with her mouth closed..!

  14. Aiden Titan says:

    That Bird wearing Tap Shoes. Huh

  15. Aiden Titan says:

    That bird make me tap dancing
    How's that!

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