Better Use Your Head Little Anthony And The Imperials (Northern Soul) cover Sarah Collins

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Better Use Your Head Little Anthony And The Imperials (Northern Soul) cover Sarah Collins
I received a request to this cover of this Northern Soul so thought I’d give it a go! Really hope you like what you hear!
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Thanks so much for listening and hope you are have a lovely day! xx

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23 Responses

  1. Cernunnos SKA says:

    Wow !!! Love it ✊

  2. The Ogg Monster says:

    Would love to hear you do a cover of ‘lost summer love’ by Lorraine Silver

  3. moog Dome says:

    Sarah. Hope you and your family are ok. Have you ever sang the following,

    ''There's a pain in my heart, '' The Poppies.

    ''Hold back the night' The Tramps.

    ''It's too late'', Bobby Goldsborough.

    ''Pick me up and put me in your pocket''.

    ''Take away the pain stain you left on my heart''.

    '' Reaching for the very best,'' The Exciters.

    Love you loads and your beautiful voice. take care Angel. Moog.

  4. moog Dome says:

    Brilliant it. You are the only person I know, who always sounds better than the original artist. Thank you for sharing Angel. Moog.

  5. frdjr252 says:

    WOW!!!! Hadn't heard this one in many years! Didn't know it was Northern Soul. You aced another one, Sarah! Have you covered Little Anthony & The Imperials' signature songs, "Tears On My Pillow" and "Two Kinds Of People In The World"? Those two are just waiting for that Sarah Magic!

  6. John Wildsmith says:

    I think that is a great track and your version certainly does it justice and you seem to hit every note about right. John. Glos

  7. zola561 says:

    Sarah has the best voice ever

  8. Andy Willey says:

    There's no doubt in my opinion that your northern soul covers are really good.
    I have listened to a lot of your songs and again it's only an opinion like most things some are much better than others.
    Perhaps it is my taste in music which sways me to prefer the northern and Motown tracks which I would certainly buy a compilation of now if I could get one. Your voice is amazing on these tracks, sometimes a tinny backing track lets you down, after all some of the songs had you sing had small orchestras when recorded.

  9. Stef Malajny says:

    Nailed it , of course, awesome thank you Stef

  10. Gary all white says:

    well done girl, this is one of my favourites, you didnt disapoint loved it

  11. Thomas Henry says:

    Love it……………

  12. robin hart says:

    Lovely song Sarah'

  13. Para-Aramid says:

    I wish I had of met vocalists with half of what you have. Well done

  14. CliveologyVideo says:

    Do you follow LA (Jerome) on Twitter. Can give you details if you like, Sarah – 🙂

  15. Tom Wood says:

    I love You

  16. Robert Monteaperto says:


  17. Fred Grady says:

    I have NEVER heard anyone dare attempt this song and arrangement! Kudos, Sarah! Just the right approach and dynamic!

  18. Keith Wootton says:

    Trully one of the best Northern soul songs and you do it credit x

  19. beat 7891 says:

    one of my fave northern soul songs, you did it justice x

  20. Sirens Harbor says:

    What a beautiful rendition. Great!

  21. CrawfishParish says:

    That is so good..

  22. Craig Bullock says:

    brilliant version of one of my very favourite northern soul tracks great job

  23. Mikael Rennerhorn says:

    Love this song since I first heard it a long time ago. You cover it perfectly, and You look very elegant today. Love You, Sarah.

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