Belly By Sandra Vol 3 – Choreography

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Cheeky Girls Productions

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  1. Hansrajbhai Tanti says:

    Really superb, so wonderful and highly perfect impressive coreographic instructions for each and every belly dance performer and graceful creativity and super workout and nice expression and highly impressive thrillings in this super belly dance practice work and unbelievable and unbeatable so much very nice super body language performance in this super belly dance practice work and the almighty God bless you for your bright future with all good wishes.

  2. Yasuhiro Sakamoto says:

  3. داليه العتابي says:

    انا بحب هيدا رئصا

  4. Out of Babylon says:

    The music is called FADDAH, by Hossam Ramzy

  5. Mridula Chonda says:

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  6. Vova Sarnavski says:

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  7. donaldheguin says:

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  8. Manoj Shrestha says:

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  9. Za ra says:

    not bad but u really need to get better

  10. Mofiz Mofiz says:

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  11. Sandrine Anterrion says:

    You teach very well

  12. Utsav Shrestha says:

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  13. adri Ticac says:

    me re gusta la musica cual es el tema del inicio ?

  14. nour ali says:

    thank you sandra 🙂 it's a good idea when you show the exercices with music ! :))

  15. adri Ticac says:


  16. tanfoukdance says:

    I can't believe people asking what the music is, when she tells you the name of the track, the name of the artist, and even shows you the CD! If you're going to perform her piece, you need to buy her DVD.

    How about learning some combinations, finding some music that isn't performed by every dancer in the world, and making your own choreo?

  17. هاندا الحربي says:

    رووووعه وجد استفدت منها شووي

  18. *COCO BERLIN says:

    so charming <3

  19. april jacquard says:

    i dont know the name song but it a goodd vid

  20. daiana dax says:

    amazing teacher!! what's the name of the song used?

  21. Lar Rodriguez says:

    Hi, Sandra, you are beautiful"… good dancer too… I love you"…

  22. JORYROX says:

    THANK YOU =)

  23. Maroc & Algerie Music says:

    What a beautful smile and love the choreography. Thanks for posting!

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