Bauhaus Ballet: A Dance of Geometry

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The Bauhaus Movement produced more than just minimalist buildings and furniture; it also gave way to a dance of geometry. In his 1922 “Triadic Ballet,” prodigious artist Oskar Schlemmer stripped away the genre’s archetypally fluid movements and fabrics, placing his dancers in structural yet jovial costumes. Join the Bayerisches Junior Ballet München as they prepare to bring Bauhaus center stage again.

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23 Responses

  1. Chris Hamilton says:

    A disgrace to art.

  2. likira111 says:

    "costumes wich would throw away useless decorations"
    * shows giant fucking orbs on wrists *

  3. Nara 97 says:

    I'm from Bavaria

  4. Theatre squad 2003 says:


  5. Parthajit Barman says:

    can somebody tell me the name of the magical tune played in the initial 4 secs?

  6. Stone W says:

    The irony of intellectualism that is stupid, like so much other modern art, devoid of heart and soul in its relentless pursuit of "originality." It's cute, but don't call it "ballet."

  7. GiGi Edwards says:

    The filmed version from the 70's is available to watch on Youtube if anyone is interested- Das Triadische Ballet, it runs about a half hour long. Trippy shit.

  8. Mark says:

    0:50 "Throw away useless decoration" Proceeds to install giant balls on hands

  9. Rick Sanchez says:

    This is just weird for the sake of being unique, at this pace classical art will never be topped.

  10. 30,000 subscribers with no video says:

    Yeah cus having 20 pound balls on your hand isn’t extra.

  11. Russell Schmidt says:


  12. Maggie E. says:

    Is this just one ballet or is it a whole style? Because the dancing itself seems to me like regular ballet (if a bit contemporary ballet), it's just the costumes that are different

  13. Ben gesseret says:

    It's strange, and interesting, and very creative. The only thing it needs is background. It seems all the attention is given to the costume and our eyes go there, but would be nice if they make it less circus like and more with stories and purpose behind the movements.

  14. Kathy Myers says:

    Gotta ruin everything. These things arent cumbersome? So UGLY.

  15. mr fudge says:

    Most of the costumes have been based off of wooden toys

  16. MISS MR says:

    As a dancer who performs primarily ballet and contemporary works, this is very new and innovative to me. I really enjoy the concept. The thing is, I look for technique whenever I watch others dance, and part of a good costume for anything dance, in my opinion and experiences at least, is flexibility and it not being restrictive. I feel like it’s a very very good concept, but from the looks of this I feel like the end results are subpar to my expectations. When I have more time, I’ll research this, as I know it can still beneficially influence both my technique and choreography, even though the actual dance isn’t exactly my cup of tea.

  17. jentlejd says:

    Was this in a New Order video?

  18. Cali dancer says:

    Tbh I really don’t like this

  19. Jenna S says:


  20. Romana Abramovna says:

    People are trying to come up with something unique, that’s all.

  21. Dance Brasil Entertainment says:


  22. Way Too Many says:

    Michellin man. It'd be kinda funny if they got a copyright strike from Michellin. lol

  23. DianaSenpie says:

    how it feels to chew 5 gum

    Simulate your senses

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