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Juan Ruiz and Samantha from Bachateros doing a recap after 6 weeks of their classes Bachata at Tropical Soul (Sydney, Australia).

The Quick Step Back: a fundamental where the guy lead the lady forward (from a Caminito position) but the guy moves back swapping positions and creating a push – pull dynamics. Very useful to create light and shade on your dancing and hit the breaks in Bachata.

This video shows the QSB as a stand alone fundamental, as part of a combination and as a combination it itself.

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SONG: Quien Sanara
ARTIST: Jay & Dario

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24 Responses

  1. DummyloadFM says:

    Really don,t like the arm movements.

  2. humanyoda says:

    What are those weird steps he'd making in the beginning?

  3. Nina Cartier & Niina Vlk says:

    Thanks so much for an awesome vid to learn from!

  4. Alexis Castro says:

    Pure class Juan love the style and you make it very easy to learn! Thanks for the videos!!

  5. emilien159 says:

    Hi from France, I enjoyed that video pretty much ! Nice style ! (I'll try to get some of those moves to galvanize my dances…) Keep it up 🙂

  6. 10011001miluno says:

    You're good man, really good. Thanks for sharing 😉

  7. Eduard Luca says:

    You should come and do some workshops in Romania too.

  8. Viridiana Hernandez says:

    Juan, you are a beast! I wish I had a teacher like you!!!

  9. Damir Karavlah says:

    So, now I must mastered that Quick Step Back. Thanks  🙂

  10. antonioacm says:

    thanks for sharing , i take always inspiration from your moves or the songs you play, so please, never stop 😉

  11. Juan BACHATERO Ruiz says:

    Hi Brian, I had the wrong song info – it is Jay & Dario – "Quien Sanara", you can get then song from the Bachateros . com website. If you use the moves for your showcase, send me the video! Looking forward to see it!

  12. Brian Preston says:

    Dear Juan, my partner and I want to use these moves and love this song and want to use it for our showcase dance. Can you verify it is Ladron de Amor by Alex Wayne. We can't seem to find the song. Please help. Thanks so much.

  13. Juan BACHATERO Ruiz says:

    Hello @Michelecz. Glad to meet more Bachateros. The song is
    SONG: Ladron de Amor
    ARTIST: Alex Wayne

  14. michele catanzaro says:

    dear Juan, i am italian and a fun of you. I love this song, i'd like to know the title. thank you.

  15. Juan BACHATERO Ruiz says:

    Thanks @MoiGogo. I love sharing my love for Bachata, so it's good to hear that you are enjoying these Bachata videos.

  16. Brian Olivo says:

    Whats the songs name? I know you put one there but doesn't sound like that's the one. :/

  17. romanito gogo says:

    Thanks a lot for the time you take to upload these videos. Your work is smooth, clear and a big motivation. ;¬)

  18. gizem says:

    i love it!!!

  19. Brian Olivo says:

    Me encantan tus vídeos amigo. Love it!!

  20. Juan BACHATERO Ruiz says:

    thanks @LordXilos! These are the fundamentals used in Bachata Moderna. Glad you enjoy the videos

  21. Nirmala Markandeya says:

    Beautiful 🙂

  22. Ángel FR says:

    Uno de los pasos mas característicos de Juan Ruiz, también es uno de los pasos mas agradables visualmente, así como versátil, ya que que se puede incorporar en muchos momentos diferentes durante el baile. Gracias por todo tu esfuerzo en seguir desarrollando movimientos creativos y vistosos Juan. Felicidades a Samantha también por ser una excelente compañera de baile. Saluos desde Sinaloa, México y que viva la bachata MODERNA

  23. Lady Xilos says:

    Awesome video. I like categories of moves. Thanks for uploading 🙂

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