Bachata Dance Steps : Bachata Dance Steps: Forward & Back

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The forward back bachata dance steps start with the left foot forward and then moves backwards. Learn how to do the forward back dance steps in bachata dancing with tips from a professional dance instructor in this free dance lesson video.

Expert: Erika Occhipinti
Bio: Erika Occhipinti has taught thousands of students at her own Salsa Caliente Dance Studio in Tampa, Fla.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

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20 Responses

  1. Erna Vanhelfteren says:

    I love your video clips!! They are short and too the point with excellent explanations!! I use them to review the steps before I teach them to my high schools students. They LOVE it!! Also appreciate the fact that neither one of you feels you should have a body/fashion-show and reveals more than we need/care to see 🙂 I´ve been reviewing your videos for 3 years now when needed and really like them!! Thank you so much!

  2. Angel BACHATERO Diaz says:

    Yes that is Ataca

  3. Amber Kerezman Ortiz Romo says:

    Uuuum marry me 🙂 hes handsome

  4. Jacob Carrazco says:

    Is that ataca in this vid

  5. onepartlime says:

    i like the friendliness in her voice. She must be a polite and poised person

  6. Noah Pen-kruger says:

    butt shott!

  7. Jessica Callahan says:

    This would help more if we could see your feet (the steps)

  8. dreamerr0xx says:

    Idk about yall but he's freaking cute, hot & sexy!
    I love his smile! haha

  9. transpais says:

    the boy is hotttt fuckit

  10. champions00 says:

    very good instructions….awesome

  11. Nicole Katsanos says:

    her partner is a cutie!! he could be my dance partner any day lol!! 😉

  12. SAVAGESOUNDS says:


  13. izzyrondo2010 says:

    The guy is a fine sexy beast!!!!

  14. Nestor Barreto says:


  15. carolina martich says:

    @dessy62sweet no hay nada mas deprimente que ver a un español o un gringo en un resort tratando de bailar cualquier genero latino, no solo bachata,, esa da pena y risa!!

  16. Life Yang says:

    You both look hot! Nice tutorial.

  17. Martín Roque says:

    @rollout34 Te apoyo, pero la ortografía no te ayuda u_u Y sí, esto de la bachata se parece demasiado a la salsa. O eso me parece a mí.

  18. rollout34 says:

    creete tu que los dominicanos son los unicos que saben bailar bachata. los cubanos con la salsa fueron los que inbentaron las buelta. sino tu bachatya fuera solo pasitos. aparte desir eso es una redondansia,y ignorante porque ay americanos que bailan profesional mente que saben bailar mejor que nosotros. so no importa de donde eres.

  19. carolina martich says:

    solo los dominicanos sabemos bailar bachata!!!

  20. esprit15d says:

    nice vids

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