Awesome Salsa Dancing at The Atrium

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Incredible dancing from this couple. I have not seen many female followers who can keep up with this male follower, the Prince of Salsa.

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10 Responses

  1. Rajat Gupta says:

    AMAZING!!Particularly when the guy took multiple turns like a spinning top! It was mind blowing

  2. zfrog4 says:

    @Prince738 : My sincere condolences. This is very sad.

  3. Hiram says:

    God rest your soul Yen.

  4. Michele2luv says:


  5. upyorez says:

    Nefertiti Brown

  6. upyorez says:

    Nefertiti Brown

  7. upyorez says:

    Nefertiti Brown

  8. Hiram says:

    Ahh, thats not a she it's a he they are salsa partners very nice people amazing dancers. I enjoy going to the Atrium in NJ more then any other place around the area.
    (saludo from Jersey)

  9. Fernando Solano says:

    The girl is outstanding! In 0:11 you can see that the girl is used to the guy's moves.

  10. NeonSunset23 says:

    whoa that ice skating spin was awesome.

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