Award Winning Tap Dance Group – Funky Violin

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Katrina’s elite small tap dance group from Creative Edge Dance performed this number at the Onstage New York dance competition – where they took top overall for a small group. This dance – Funky Violin – was choreographed by Shauneese Morrison and features Katrina’s friends Meagan, Victoria, Charlotte, Emma and Shelby. Katrina starts off in the middle next to Meagan.

Tap differs from Irish dancing because you use the upper body and arms. The most important part of tap is to make sounds or music with your feet. The girls are wearing tap shoes which have the metal taps on the toes, balls of the feet and heels – so they can strike the floor with different parts of the feet to make different sounds. Tap dance originated in the United States and has been a part of competitive dance for a long time.

We hope you like this tap dance. Please share, like and sub. If you want to see additional tap dances – including Sloane’s group at the World Tap Dance Competition (where Canada took 2nd place!) you can view the videos on our channel: You can also find some basic tap tutorials and tutorials for turns, leaps and other styles of dance.
Here is a tap tutorial:
Here is a tap tutorial from when Katrina & Sloane were very young:

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11 Responses

  1. Alexa S says:

    Who sang this song if you don't mind me asking!

  2. Nina Netzer says:

    Nice! ♡

  3. Amanda Tun says:

    Can you guys make a video for hairstyles for lice ?Cause at my school you have to put your hair up but a I still don't because I look bad with a ponytail.

  4. Danielle D says:

    I feel like ever since Katrina moved your channel is back tracking. All of your videos are either competition or older videos when you were still together. Not trying to be mean, but I miss your skills videos

  5. xoxoange says:

    Can u please do a vid on how to do advanced tap moves?

  6. Cara Percoco says:

    this is really good

  7. Susan Heslop says:

    Great job Katrina! Your group 100% deserved top overall. It's awesome you could clearly hear every sound, even when you were dancing near the back of the stage!

  8. xoxoange says:

    I thought Katrina moved to Texas

  9. CorbyXx says:


  10. bunheadforlife says:

    loved this great job

  11. the-original-seven ! says:

    this is amazing +fitforafeast xo

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