All Aboard the Strictly Express

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Watch the opening titles for the 2015 Strictly Launch Show.

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23 Responses

  1. sumaiya patel says:

    Aliona is so annoying

  2. Elizabeth Hamill says:

    2:03 Graziano Diprima

  3. Jack Clark says:

    Just about remember when it was filmed shame EOR didn’t use platform 1 to hide NW13 signal

  4. Ben Davies says:

    Isn't Darcey just FIT!!!!

  5. Strictly JudgesLover says:

    Loved this one! Love the judges and love them all!

  6. Hollie Williams says:


  7. Caitlin Percival says:

    Anton is the beast

  8. Miranda P J says:

    Haha Kevin

  9. Katie Baird says:

    Did anyone notice he kid on the car at 1:03

  10. Emma Gomez says:

    This was filmed where I live and near where I work strictly come dancing came to North Weald Essex xx

  11. Ksj 123 says:

    Aliona is just stunning I don't even notice the other female or even male pros stunning from day one she's aged in number but looks younger than all the other pros.

  12. Margaret Johnson says:

    Aliona and tristan.. T_T

  13. Rhys Benjamin says:

    Anton never wore that shirt in the final. 🙁

  14. Brandon Migdal says:

    so funny!

  15. Martha Old says:

    I,have been to that train station

  16. GracieLovesYou xox says:


  17. Noy Woods says:

    LOL XD

  18. Izzy Barnes says:

    0:31 we all laughed but he did it!

  19. Kelly Ashford says:

    I love this Strictly Express Launch Episode from SCD.
    "Severn!" shouts Tess Daly's alarm clock (in Len's voice). Tess wakes up with a start.
    "Claude, wake up!" she cries. Claudia Winkleman wakes up, and falls out of the top bunk. The SCD Dancers are awake and ready to go. After a Street Group Dance it's…..
    "Mind the gap, darlings!" Porter Craig yells happily.
    "All aboard the Strictly Express!" shouts Driver Len. A GWR Prairie Tank Engine has steamed in with coaches. Fireman Bruno complains. Len tells him to, "Start shovelling the glitter!" Craig and Dancers are pampered by Darcy, in the front carriage. The steam engine takes off.
    "Next stop, the Strictly Red Carpet," announces Len. The engine whistles, chuffing away towards SCD Ballroom. From Kelly Ashford, a 10 out of 10.

  20. Hannah Morss says:

    Anton totally thought he would get someone rubbish but katie is amazing

  21. fortheloveofjess says:

    Anton can finally wear his pink rhinestone shirt

  22. Clare Thompson says:

    now your in the final Anton

  23. Anjanika Thalagoda says:

    It's finally time for Anton to put his pink short on!!!

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