Alfie Davison – Love is a Serious Business : Northern Soul

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Great tune with some scooter video clips

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22 Responses

  1. Nigel Edgecome says:

    Remember watching this film about the scooter club…..i wonder how many are still into it?

  2. Gerard Barker says:

    Came across this fantastic song through Craig charles on radio one just a few days ago..what a tune…..

  3. jock barr says:

    Still a big fave after all these years

  4. Department of Thought says:

    Young foolish and happy!
    The best of times.

  5. Modernator Collective says:

    Dont know how I came across this……just stalking youtube, but bloody brilliant, great tune, but oh,oh,oh…..fantastic scooter video, made me very happy, thank you so much….posted link on ourFB page The Modern Collective Rugeley

  6. OldMod67 says:


  7. Eric Stanley says:

    Wish I still had my old SX 150 ELG 969F (never forget it)

  8. indy 56 says:

    Makes me pine for my old Scooter whenever i watch any Northern soul related videos with scooters, pushing 62 ,i need to get another one .

  9. Nuala Forde says:

    Our time…

  10. Dave Samsung says:

    Anyone remember the A(b) side on this label. My vinyl tucked away and cant remember.
    South London Scooterist.

  11. BigPhilQPR93 says:

    Brilliant tune!

  12. Chad Shaw says:

    great yarmouth scooter rally 1983 16yr old wot a track ktf

  13. Peter Shiels says:

    50 years old… I listen to this track and I am 17 again back at a Soul club in Dublin… 🙂

  14. chrisbeards2 says:

    Creat love the music and the scooter clips

  15. fllynismydog says:

    great vid TSC

  16. stephen giles says:

    great tune ktf 54 and going strong

  17. Armour Henderson says:

    brill ktf

  18. Tracie Obrien says:

    Love this Tracie x

  19. Steven Stewardson says:

    Love ❤ this Little gem ❤ a magnificent soul record ktf to everyone connected to the huge soul scene ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

  20. John Grogan says:

    56 now this northern soul music stays with you for life ktf

  21. Isobella isobella says:

    Oh Yeah! KTF X

  22. Cory Billington says:

    100 KTF

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