Alexis & Alan’s Jive – Dancing with the Stars

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Alexis Ren and Alan Bersten dance the Jive to “Shake the Room” by Gamu on Dancing with the Stars Season 27!

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  1. Paola Vazquez says:

    Is so obvious she used to be a dancer. I think she actually was, a ballerina or did ballet! Her posture in general, back, arm and legs, is perfection

  2. Bailey Reimer says:

    I’m sorry but I am just NOT a fan of her. She’s skanky material (look at her Instagram) and I’m disappointed she was allowed on the show initially. Regarding her technique, it’s not that great for dancing as long as she claims. She’s sloppy with her arms, she’s not sharp enough, her feet are sloppy at times, she needs to point her toes, she lags behind. Just not good and way too overrated. I have 13 years of experience dancing so I know what I’m talking about. Hope she gets the boot soon.

  3. Angelicapickle26 says:

    God she is way too stiff and awkward

  4. Jessica Nguyen says:

    Alexis is so pretty and Alan was such a good controller while he was dancing and like turning her and stuff, they looked like the were having lots of fun and enjoying themselves also isn’t Alan JT Church and Sky Brown mentor for dwts juniors

  5. Lee Cox says:

    Much better. More drive, and she picked up her feet and had more bounce. Well done!

  6. Gabriela Medrano says:

    they make a great couple

  7. legendofmudkip says:

    Omg Alan's slide at the beginning of the dance.
    Wow this man had skills

  8. PINK POTTERS says:


  9. lesley pimentel says:

    Ok but can we talk about this partnership. They have such a cute flirty vibe to the point it comes natural and not milking it to the public like past partnerships. If she trust Alan the way she does they will go far, they def have my vote

  10. biljil says:

    why does this remind me of kims performance so much lmao

  11. Aaliyah S says:

    best couple ever

  12. Kaysi Fischer says:

    So I'm new to watching dwts and I watched Monday and didn't see this performance… was I like dumb and missed another day of the show on Tuesday or something?

  13. สุพิชญา แก้วกำเหนิด says:

    she is so talented

  14. Alliah Garcia says:

    they’re a really powerful duo. i like em together

  15. Maria F says:

    Omg she’s so good ❤️

  16. What Zit Tooya says:

    If she gets kicked off it will be because of the votes.

  17. Clara-Grace Arctander says:

    I love it. She looked like she was living it too

  18. Lexi Love says:

    She is really good she better not be the shocking elimination of season and go home early. I'm tired of the best dancers getting kicked off too early it totally ruins the season when that happens. VOTE!!

  19. Kristi Vag says:

    She is fucking amazing

  20. Marie Joey says:

    I guess, she needs to improve her footworks ?

  21. Maja Sky says:

    She danced beautiful but seriously you can see she is little bit scared…. She should relax

  22. Legs says:

    She’s soooooo beautiful ❤️

  23. Bi Tea says:


  24. Frank Gallagher says:

    her implants are kinda cringe

  25. Maggie Jones says:

    Alan is amazing! My favorite pro

  26. Alex Williford says:

    Alexis and Alan really shook up the ballroom after receiving 8s for their improved jive to Shake the Room

  27. amber10a says:

    She’s soo goood!! Cant wait to see more and you can definitely see that she’s born to this! ❣️❣️❣️

  28. cherylcro1 says:

    Alan is the best

  29. JubeeBijou says:

    Who is Alexis Ren?

  30. trinibwoy27 says:

    I really like her. She is very invested in this competition and this girl can dance

  31. David Spellman says:

    She looks so good because she's 5'10" and has legs for days. But the shorter girls can move their legs faster thanks to a lesser polar moment of inertia and they're easier to toss around. Sharna Burgess at 5'4" gives up six inches in height, but can move so much faster with precision. It's the reason you rarely see a ballerina at 5'10" and the same reasoning applies to gymnastics competitors.

  32. Julia Mei says:

    Alexis is too cute!

  33. amairanioronia says:


  34. Andrea Ariza says:

    Alexis has potential to be a good dance,r but this dance was rather underwhelming.

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